Psychology Careers and Licensure in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known as the “Sooner State” and is home to the second largest community of Native Americans in the nation. The name itself represents the community of Native Americans, as “okla” in Native American means people and “homa” means red which translates to red people. Oklahoma’s economy has been growing unpredictably due to the technology industry which expanded in the 21st century. These changes are based on traditional agricultural production, animal husbandry industries, manufacturing and transportation. Psychology careers in Oklahoma are available in almost every sector and have been contributing immensely to the economy of the country. In these industries the study of human behaviors along with application of fundamental principles are utilized to resolve several complicated societal issues.


Among the major industries of the state of Oklahoma is aerospace which generates an income of over $11b annually. The city of Tulsa is the home to the world’s largest airline maintenance base which operates under the authority of American Airlines. Aerospace represents 10% of the States productive output. The state also happens to be the nation’s third highest producer of natural gas. A qualification in organizational psychology would prove effective for being employed in various organizations of the state.  Such organizations work to improve the functions of human resource by hiring experts to aid in career counseling, job productivity, cross training and even retirement planning.

Education Requirements

Psychology programs at the bachelors, masters or doctorate level prepare for employment opportunities in various industries. Expertise and academic knowledge in one of the many divisions of psychology might increase the chances of employment in private and government sectors.

Bachelor’s Degree

After earning an undergraduate degree Clinical psychologists assist to cure emotional disorders and offer stress management. Counseling is another area in high demand in this state to aid individuals with issues of adjusting to life. Through education and experiment, graduates develop skills that allow them to work in healthcare settings, such as social research, laboratory, rehabilitation, education and family services. Other areas to work are vocational rehabilitation, nursing homes, counseling centers and home health care.

Master’s Degree

Master’s in educational, clinical, and industrial-organizational, could be an attempt to strive towards career advancement. In manufacturing and social service sectors, these psychologists could provide their services to help employees and the company.

PhD Degree

PhD in clinical psychology concentration is an extremely popular career in Oklahoma; therefore, people who have earned this degree should choose to work in this state. One could find employment in various health care and educational organizations with a doctorate degree. However, in most cases a license is required to work.

License Requirements

For receiving a license to practice psychology in Oklahoma one must complete a doctorate degree from an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited educational institute. A student must complete 2 years of post-doctoral practice and in the case of clinical, school and counseling specializations one year’s internship during doctoral studies will be counted towards the two year requirement. One must earn scores of at least 500 or higher in the Examination for the Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). In the Jurisprudence Examination one must have a minimum score of 70% and the oral examination conducted by the board must be cleared as well.

Career Opportunities

Overall demand for psychologists is predicted to increase by almost 8% within the next six years. It is expected that there will be a rise in the demand of professionals of clinical, counseling and school concentrations by 11%. The minimum education requirement to hold a position in any sector of this state is a master’s level degree.

Educational Psychologist: In the educational arena, counseling at all levels including schools and colleges is predicted to increase by almost 9%. However, one must have a master’s qualification to be eligible for employment.

Counseling: Employment in behavioral disorder counseling and substance abuse counseling only requires a bachelor’s degree.  The increase in employment rate within the next 6 years is calculated to be around 15%.

Mental Health Counseling: Mental health counseling jobs are said to increase by 17.3%, while various forms of rehabilitation counseling positions will go up by 7%. Moreover, marriage and family therapy professions will rise by 8.42%. All these professions require a master’s degree in the respective fields.

Salary Trends

Psychologists in Oklahoma on an average earn $60,000 annually.

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