Psychology Careers and Licensure in Ohio

The state of Ohio has the seventh largest population in United States of America. It has the third highest industrial output after California and New York. The state is also home to Good Year Tire and Rubber Corporation and was dubbed as the “Rubber Capital of the World”. With an amazing growth in the industrial sector, the state has been providing excellent health services. These services are directed towards the people of Ohio, which also contribute in providing employment opportunities to residents and outsiders. In Ohio, careers in psychology have been increasing with time and might attain sky-high success in the years to come. Family and individual services will be the areas to work in the future as stated by the Ohio Department of Labor.


The major service areas in the state are social care, health care, engineering, hotels and law practices. Ohio’s industrial sector produces vehicle and aircraft parts. The state has a major cotton based textile industry, while the second major industry is fabricated metal production. As far as natural resources are concerned, the state is home to the deepest salt mine in the nation. Ohio has invested in various chemical based industries and is host to the biggest soap factory in America.

Potentially industrial-organizational psychologists have various opportunities of employment in Ohio. They could contribute in the efficiency and productivity of companies in collaboration with the human resources department. They focus on improving the lifestyle of the work force. The healthcare industry remains the major employer of psychologists; while on the other hand, these professionals might also thrive in academics, counseling and social work.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

One can initiate formal education in psychology by entering in an associate program after which they can go on to learn the fundamental conceptual framework of this field in a bachelor’s program. There are various areas of employment in social work and community healthcare that employ individuals with a bachelor’s degree or master’s in a certain subdivision.

Master’s Degree

During a master’s degree in psychology, individuals choose an area of interest such as industrial-organizational, behavior clinical etc. It should be kept in mind in Ohio that the designation as a psychologist will only be attained after earning a PhD degree. To find a secure job in the contemporary challenging economic environment is difficult but those with a master’s degree in one of the sub-fields of psychology have several advantages. According to Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services, there are postie predictions of growth for qualified professionals of this field.

It has been predicted that mental health counselors would achieve 29.9% growth, and mental health professionals serving the substance abuse and behavioral disorders might encounter 34% growth.

PhD Degree

In order to get employed at a higher position in the state of Ohio one must earn a doctorate degree in a particular concentration. Without a doctorate degree, one is not eligible for licensure in the state.  The PhD can be earned in counseling, health, industrial-organizational, rehabilitation and school psychology concentration.

License Requirements

The licensure requirement includes two years of practical work experience each consisting of 1800 hours. However, the first year can be completed during the doctoral degree program. The Ohio Board of Psychology will only allow one to attempt the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology after fulfilling these requirements.

Career Opportunities

Counseling: Qualified individuals of Ohio can attain various healthcare professions related to community health and social services. The counseling field in the state of Ohio is expanding and offers growth opportunities that promise rewarding and remarkable experiences. Due to aging population, counselors to support retirees and family members are in great demand. Mental health counselors are expected to increase in demand by 23% in the next five years.

Rehabilitation Psychologists: Employment in the rehabilitation sector to treat various societal ills and substance abuse issues is expected to rise by over 17% in the next five years. Substance abuse rehabilitation requires counseling sessions with alcohol and drug addicts. Demand is expected to rise by approximately 20%.

Salary Outlook

According to indeed,com, psychologists in Ohio on average earn an annual income of $62,000.

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