Psychology Careers and Licensure in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the state of United States located in the New England area. It has borders with Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine along with the Atlantic Ocean to one side. It also borders with Canada to the north. It has mountains and rivers and some valleys making it one of the most beautiful regions among the states. Careers are favorable in New Hampshire because of growing industries in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. With most of the work in the primary and secondary industry, psychology careers in New Hampshire could be chosen by individuals who want to contribute greatly with their exceptional skills.


Berlin, Claremont and Concord are among some of the metropolitan cities of New Hampshire. Some of the major industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, tourism, scientific research, and technical services. Moreover, the healthcare and service industries are the top most industries of this state.

Psychologists in these central areas could play important roles in increasing the level of health and well being of people. As clinical and health psychologists they alter the behavior of people who have long been suffering from mental disorders. The growing population of New Hampshire surely needs more mental health experts to cure behavioral changes occurring from a fast-paced life style. These professionals contribute greatly in the healthcare industry and try to create a positive aura in economy. According to the survey of United States Census Bureau, this state has a population of 1,318,194. Specialists in this field could have promising careers in various industries to improve the work performance and apply their learned skills.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

The state of Nevada requires undergraduate degree holders in clinical, research and counseling sectors. You can look at these areas for better opportunities. No work experience is required at this level. However, training through an internship program is essential if you wish to work in life, physical, and social science occupations and in settings such as hospitals or healthcare centers. Some volunteering organizations like United Way of Greater Seacoast (Portsmouth) and Volunteer New Hampshire might be helpful as well to seek employment.

Master’s degree

Students with a master’s degree in psychology are employed in organizations and personal settings to facilitate individuals and help them overcome mental health issues caused by stress, anxiety and social changes. Other employment opportunities are for substance abuse specialties, mental health experts, school psychologists and also for some therapists in both public and private practices.

PhD Degree

Psychologists could expect to earn a handsome salary with a good reputation by working in different industries. Clinical and research psychologists are in demand as their main focus is on research. The reason for many clinical practitioners having steady jobs is because of the high-stress environment of the American society, thus pushing more people towards acquiring these educational specialties. Other psychologists who have done their specialization in forensic, sports, existential and developmental psychology might also find attractive work opportunities.

Licensing Requirements

You would need a license to start practicing work. Licensure requirements are to complete professional education and then proceed with experience under a licensed supervisor. Experience should at least be of two years in clinical and research areas covering 3000 hours. This is possible after acquiring a 2 years degree at the doctorate level.  After this, one has to pass an Examination of Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) in order to become fully licensed.

Career Opportunities

The employment growth projection for psychologists by the New Hampshire Employment Security is 730,710 till the year 2018 where as the percentage change of 10.4% is expected.

Research Psychologists: The highest rate of 24.9% is expected in the construction industry, followed by professional, scientific, and technical services with a projected rate of 23.5%. Psychologists make use of practical applications and knowledge with experience to elicit client needs. They conduct, design and report applied research to fulfill the requirements of those in need. Some popular employers are U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve.

Clinical and Counseling Psychologists: On the other hand, clinical, counseling and school psychologists are expected to have a growth of 14% and the projected employment growth is 794 positions till the year 2020. Vocational and child psychologists are known to treat and examine mental disorders along with behavioral and emotional changes in children and families. They are mostly employed in secondary and elementary schools, ambulatory healthcare services and hospitals; New Hampshire Job Outlook & Locator, 2010 – 2020 ( Some notable employers are Capitol Psychology Services, SBSC, Inc and SBSC, Inc.

Salary Trends

According to, psychologists in New Hampshire on average earn $74,000 per year.

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