Psychology Careers and Licensure in Nevada

Nevada is one of the most extensive regions of the United States ranking at 35th for being populous. It has vast deserts, mountain ranges, valleys and gorges, making it a nature’s land. The desert plains have lush forests adding to the scenic beauty of this place. Its thriving cities like Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas are the fastest growing areas and there is a huge population working in this state. Its economy has been expanding swiftly and the place is known to be a tourist attraction; especially areas such as Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe. Careers in Nevada in any field could be a rewarding, so those who want to pursue a career in psychology in Nevada should fulfill all the requirements to work as a successful professional.


Nevada’s economy is fairly good. There is a high rate of income generated from the top industries and career opportunities have enhanced as new industries have sprung to cater to the needs of the growing population. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the estimated population of this state is 2,723,322.  There is apparently an increasing demand for qualified professionals in the tourism industry. On the other hand, industrial outputs come from top industries like tourism, mining, machinery, food processing, and electrical equipment. Moreover, the largest employers here are Clark County School District, Washoe County School District, Clark County, Wynn Las Vegas, Bellagio LLC and MGM Grand Hotel/Casino.

Psychologists could have excellent opportunities to succeed in this state. They might easily provide services in scientific studies for organizations to improve the performance and welfare of people. Individuals with academic background in biological, communication, experimental, human factors, quantitative, or industrial psychology would have bundle of opportunities once they decide to apply in one of the top industries of Nevada.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

An undergraduate degree in psychology works as a foundation to build a strong career in the years to come. On the basis of excellent research and analytical skills, these individuals are hired by almost every industry for the betterment of community life.

Master’s Degree

According to the economy of Nevada, the expanding industries are tourism and mining that offer work opportunities to master’s and PhD degree holders. In Nevada, there has been great a demand for individuals with a master’s degree in health concentrations. With this, a career in clinical, research and counseling settings is possible. With a master’s psychology degree, jobs in counseling, therapists or substance abuse could be acquired easily. These professionals are considered as the best fit for the higher positions in health care.

Doctorate Degree

A PhD degree holder in the industrial sector could find employment in departments that generate productive policies. The best opportunities are also available in government and private sectors. This is because the state has a mentally struggling economy and psychologists could implement their specialized practices to help people that are affected by mental disorders. So the first option to get employed could be clinical setting, which has been expanding gradually with time. Others who have specialized in educational concentrations might work in schools, colleges and universities.

Licensing Requirements

After acquiring education, one has to get licensed in order to start practice. If a person is coming from another state to Nevada to work; they need to have a license to become legal professionals. Nearly all employers give preference to licensed individuals. The requirements are to have two years of experience whereas 1 year of post-doctoral practice is necessary. Other requirements include preparing to pass an examination by the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychologists (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

According to Nevada Workforce, till 2018 employment projections for all jobs in this state are 1,353,942.

Industrial Psychologists: Industrial psychologists could have a lot of employment opportunities which includes improving practices of people in different organizations through continuous training, hiring, and use of feedback systems. These specialists would be able to work in areas like job performance, job analysis, personal recruitment and performance management. Some employers of these practitioners are Central Care Inc., Nevada Employee Action and Timekeeping System and Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in 2011 that 1,230 industrial psychologists were employed in Nevada.

Clinical Psychologists: It has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 520 individuals were employed as clinical, research and counseling psychologists in 2011. They are part of hospitals, private clinics, healthcare centers, pediatric hospitals and other health care facilities. The healthcare industry would always be in need of these qualified professionals to improve mental health of patients along with increasing their innate abilities. Counseling at some point in life is essential for every individual, and to assist people regarding home, work and relationship issues, these professionals have played a critical role. In recent times with busy life schedules and more responsibilities, people look for counseling to resolve issues that sometimes result from stress and anxiety.

Research Psychologists: Research psychologists not only have a significant role to play in institutions but also in research departments of many organizations. Career opportunities would be greater in government agencies, educational institutes such as schools, colleges and universities. Furthermore, around 34% professionals are employed in educational institutes, government and non-profit organizations.

Salary Trends

Approximately $80,000 annually is earned by psychologists in Nevada (

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