Psychology Careers and Licensure in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska is situated in the mid-western part of United States and comprises of Great Plains. The largest city of state is Omaha and is situated on the Missouri River. The capital of the state is Lincoln. The population of the state comprises of Czech-Americans and German-Americans. The industry of health care is considered among one of the most flourishing industries of the state. Nebraska has a huge agricultural sector while other industries include freight transport, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing, and information technology.

Individuals who stand out due to their high qualifications could decide to apply in some of these industries as psychologists. It is due to the numerous potential industries that psychology careers in Nebraska have become part of almost every industry either big or small. Some of the top employers of Nebraska which could be the right choice for these psychologists are, Valmont Industries, Lincoln’s Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing, West Corporation and Woodmen.


America has been dealing with serious issues of mental health. Thus for this purpose, the demand for mental health counselors is on a rise. According to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), more or less 1.8 million of the population faces serious issues of mental disorders.

For the purpose of treatment a clinical psychologist is mostly required to overcome serious mental disorders, depression, work related issues, emotional distress and marital concerns. Clinical, counseling, rehabilitation, industrial-organizational, child, health and experimental psychology are some of the famous sub-fields in which a person could have a career in the state of Nebraska.

Educational Requirements

For getting an opportunity to work as a psychologist in Nebraska, you need to possess a graduate, masters or a doctoral degree. With the completion of education, you will be able to start a specialized career in psychology and provide services to humanity that is suffering from mental and emotional disorders

Bachelors Programs

A bachelor’s degree in psychology makes candidates eligible for a state’s license. These graduate programs might provide career opportunities for individuals in schools, administration, hospitals or in private practices. Moreover, criminal justice, childcare and emergency services are some of the areas where these graduates could work. They are mostly needed in the human and health service centers in rural areas of Nebraska.

Masters Program

For getting better employment opportunities candidates need to have a master’s degree in a specialized field of psychology. Through this degree they learn theoretical and scientific aspects of psychology. On completion of a master’s program, individuals are hired as general psychologists, social workers, counselors and therapists. The pay scale increases as individuals acquire advanced education and experience.

Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree facilitates for career advancement in Nebraska. To complete a doctoral program is not an easy task since it requires tremendous patience for its completion. Nevertheless, having a PhD in a popular concentration of psychology may turn out to be a gateway to acquire potential work opportunity as a psychologist. Students conduct an original research and gain practical experience through internships that makes them eligible to work as forensic, existential or clinical psychologists.

Licensing Requirements

Licensure is the most important aspect for starting a career as a psychologist. Candidates must complete 2 years of supervised experience. You need to pass the examination of Standardized Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). Once you pass this examination the next step would be to apply for the Nebraska psychologist license.

Career Opportunities

Since the mental health problems are on the rise, the demand for clinical psychologists has also increased in Nebraska. Besides that, forensic psychologists are also gaining importance due to increased criminal activities in the state that apparently result from various mental issues.

Clinical Psychologists: The state has a lot of opportunities for clinical psychologists who look for hands-on experience. As the residents have a stressful lifestyle; it has increased the number of adults having mental disorders. This has resulted in an apparent need for professionals who could communicate with these adults to resolve issues that have been affecting their mental and physical health.

Forensic Psychologists: Forensic psychologists study human behavior and its relation with crimes. They learn how to find clues regarding criminal offenses and prepare case related reports for courtrooms. Those who earn a graduate degree in social sciences become eligible to study forensic psychology at master’s level. According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 550 individuals were employed as psychologists at the rate of 0.60. Experience as a forensic psychologist could be gained through fellowships, internships, agency volunteerism and research opportunities.

Salary Trends

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 the annual mean salary for a psychology in Nebraska was $67,280.

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