Psychology Careers and Licensure in Montana

Montana is known for its beauty and is ranked among one of the most God gifted parts of the world in terms of natural resources. Perhaps the most attractive tourist spot till date is the Yellowstone National Park. Besides that, many streams and glaciers make enchant visitors. There are a few areas which are densely populated; other areas are mostly open land.  The state is ranked at 3rd among the 50 as least densely populated areas of United States.

Primarily the economy of Montana comprises of hard rock mining (west), ranching, coal mining (east), wheat farming oil, tourism and lumbering. These industries support the economy thus making more employment opportunities for people of Montana and also for others who migrate from different parts of the world. Another expanding field in almost every state is that of healthcare which is in constant need of professionals from every corner of the world.

Psychologists are also one of those professionals who are continuously in demand. Psychology careers in Montana are considered as the most important for providing better mental health facilities to patients.


The profession of psychology in Montana is all about serving patients who encounter problems in everyday routine. These issues sprout mainly due to intense work schedules, eating disorders, lack of motivation and numerous other factors. Psychologists need to be friendly with patients so that they are able to cure them easily and help them relax to start their lives in a better way.

Group therapies also help a lot for getting rid of emotional and mental stress. Since the state is sparsely populated, there is also a shortage of qualified professionals. Psychologists with strong academic backgrounds could find more opportunities in Montana as compared to other states. Montana welcomes qualified professionals to make a fair contribution to its economy and promote good mental health of its people.

Educational Requirements

Education is the prime factor for getting access to better opportunities in professional life. As a psychologist in Montana, you should plan your career according to your academic background. Ideally, candidates who want to pursue a fruitful career in one of the sub-fields of psychology must have a doctoral degree.

Graduate Program

According to the Montana Office of Economic Development, for gaining access to more careers, the population is shifting towards the urban areas of Montana ( Healthcare and social services have plenty of opportunities for psychologists. They know how they can help patients on the road to recovery.  Furthermore, a graduate program is the first step that individuals take to becoming a forensic psychologist, counselor, marriage and family therapist or social worker. These professionals generally find work in corporate health, data analysis, industrial design, or marketing.

Masters Program

A master’s degree in a popular area of psychology helps to learn about the basics of this field. It helps a lot in advancement of careers and allows psychologists to get a hold of interventions and effective treatment programs. It provides employment in areas such as the government, disabled individual centers, medicine, counseling, education and business. Professionals with a master’s degree also work in both private and public sectors.  They might also get employed as a teacher or researcher.

PhD Program

A PhD degree opens gates for tremendous opportunities your way as it is the highest degree in this field which has more importance than other degrees in terms of employment opportunities. You could be benefited with a higher pay scale and chances of growth would be comparatively higher. Administrative positions, licensed psychologists and counselors are some of the posts that could be gained with a PhD degree.

Licensure  Requirements

To start practicing as a psychologist, you need to possess a licensure according to the state’s regulatory authority. It is necessary to have a doctoral degree in order to be qualified for the process of licensure. Also 2 years of professional supervised experience are considered mandatory. A minimum of 2 years experience is compulsory for the approval of the license. The license needs to be renewed at the beginning of every year i.e. January 1st.

Career Opportunities

Psychologists must know how to deal with patients suffering from behavioral and mental disorders. In the state of Montana, a psychiatric career is a growing niche in Psychology. Besides that, having relevant education may also help in the advancement of various career options such as school, clinical and counseling psychologists.

Psychiatric: Psychiatry is considered as one of the most fruitful careers in Montana. The responsibility of a psychiatrist is to provide assistance to emotionally and mentally disturbed patients in recreational and educational activities, and also to help them restrain from violent tendencies. They work with medical officers, psychologists, social workers and nursing staff. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 130 individuals were employed as psychiatrists, and employment per thousand is 0.31% .

Salary Trends

The annual median salary of a psychologist in Montana in 2011 as reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics was $65,410.

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