Psychology Careers and Licensure in Missouri

In the year 1800, the starting point between Oregon Trails and the Santa Fe was Missouri. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the population of Missouri since 2011 was 6,010,688 and the rate of increase was more or less 0.36%.  The prime industries of the state are agricultural services, finance, real estate, and insurance.

Psychology careers in Missouri would be a good start for individuals who want to reach new heights of success as psychologists. They will have the chances to apply for work in an industry according to their academic background. An industrial-organizational psychologist could join an insurance company or agricultural services, while a clinical psychologist would provide services in the healthcare industry. Therefore, it all depends upon the decision you will make and the education you have acquired so far.


Psychology is a profession that relates to the human welfare of helping individuals to get rid of their mental problems. The work of a psychologist is to be familiar with the attitudes and feelings of patients and treating them accordingly. Besides treating mental disorders, psychologists also perform group therapies that help overcome the problems and issues related to emotions. These scientific processes also come in handy for the treatment of patients in order to obtain accurate data through experiments.

Mostly, industrial-organizational psychologists are benefiting the most as they have been in demand for quite a while now since they provide critical support to the operations of companies and firms.

Educational Requirements

In order to advance as a psychologist, you need to begin the educational process with an associate degree. For some it might be a difficult step; nevertheless, it would help in laying a strong foundation for career success later. You might not attain a higher level position but having the passion to move forward with constant efforts would result in fruitful returns.

Bachelor’s Degree

Once an associate degree is earned you could proceed towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  With a bachelor’s degree you would get further access to numerous career options in this field. You might become an industrial-organizational psychologist through learning the fundamental concepts of psychology. Graduates usually provide assistance to professional psychologists in hospitals and mental healthcare centers.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in psychology after completion of a bachelor’s program is essential to avail a bundle of career opportunities. It facilitates a lot in advancing into the careers of research, statistics, neuropsychology, behavioral therapy, geriatric psychology, and mental pathology. An option to work as a marriage and family therapist with a license is also possible through specialized education and training.

PhD Degree

Progressing towards a PhD in a popular sub-field of psychology is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, on earning this degree, better career opportunities will be offered to you by different companies and various hospitals.  It helps to multiply your knowledge through research and dissertation. You might opt for a variety of careers including forensics, counseling, public policy development, research and academics.

Licensure Requirements

To start practicing as a psychologist, you need to earn a license according to the state’s regulatory authority. For this purpose, at least a master’s degree is required. It is necessary to have a doctoral degree in order to obtain a license. Also, 2 years of professional supervised experience are considered mandatory for obtaining a licensure..

Career Opportunities

In order to achieve a career as a psychologist, you need the skills of an efficient planner. This is perhaps a prerequisite to enter into this field.

Organizational Psychologist: Psychologists in Missouri might get employed as industrial-organizational psychologists in a lot of firms, agencies, and government services. They are also part of the Department of Defense, making use of various approaches for the evaluation and treatment of both noncombatants and combatants. As the technology is progressing at a faster pace, psychologists have also planned to provide their services online. They make use of Skype, face book, twitter, emails and many other online options to provide assistance. They also make use of visual and audio technology services for the betterment of mankind. Almost 180 individuals are employed as psychologists with a growth rate of 4.5%.

School Psychologists: In the state of Missouri, a school psychologist has plenty of employment opportunities in almost every school and college. These professionals are responsible for sharing the ideas regarding promotion and advancement of educational process. For this purpose, the Missouri Association of School Psychologists plays a fundamental role for monitoring the progress of school psychologists in providing facilities to students, parents and teachers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 around 1,520 individuals were employed as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists. The rate of employment per 1000 employees is 9.0%.

Health Psychologists: In America, there is an ever rising issue of obesity. Almost in every state the issue has been rising swiftly.  Similar cases are seen in the state of Missouri. And to eliminate this issue, there is always a need for health psychologists. Missouri health psychologists work under the supervision of American Psychiatric Association. For treating obesity and other eating disorders, mostly cognitive behavioral therapy is performed.

Salary Trends

The annual median salary of a psychologist in Missouri in 2011 as reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics was $65,410.

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