Psychology Careers and Licensure in Mississippi

Mississippi is among the southern states of the United States of America. The state was originally an agricultural region and in the past has had its share of hate crimes among other prejudicial acts. These incidents occurred in the past and society has successfully evolved out of such a mind-set due to literacy and applications of socio-psychology concepts. The state is popular for its agriculture, transportation and manufacturing industries.

As per the Mississippi Employment Security Commission, the state has been managing a sustained economy even after witnessing two major economic downturns in the last decade. Such economic stability in recent times paved way for psychology careers in Mississippi. Individuals who thought of getting employed should apply in the top industries to contribute to the economy. According to Department of Labor the occupational expectation of psychologists will grow faster than other occupations till 2016.


As being the 31st most populated state in the nation with a population close to around three million, Mississippi is one of the most significant contributors to the welfare of the nation and to the betterment of the national economy. The most successful industry in the state is that of mineral resource.  More specifically the concentrations are in coal as well as petroleum excavation and extraction. The second largest area of commerce is transportation. The state transportation industry is used for the commute of goods and people. Industrial-organizational psychologists can help contribute to the sustenance of such economic activities as they can be employed in areas like production, operation and factorization of human resources.

On the other hand, traffic psychologists analyze the traffic behavior in various modes of transport for efficiency and lowering of ergonomic challenges.

Education Requirements

Graduate Degree

Graduates might work in workplace development centers, data-driven occupations, market research and quantitative analysis. Great demand is seen in the network systems, communication analysis, computer system analysis, database administration, market research and organizational production and development. These options are open for graduates to apply to stay connected to technology and business industries. These options could be availed on the basis of training that individuals receive through applied research.

Master’s Degree

A master’s in industrial-organizational concentration is the minimum requirement for employment in the major industries of the state. Scientific research of various work environments allows one to understand the underlying behavior of employees in organizational hierarchies that affects the human resources.

PhD Degree

Traffic psychologists must earn their PhD’s for professional growth and development. They must also have sufficient educational background in areas related to mental health, rehabilitation and social work. Once they complete their education and licensure they are eligible to work in almost every related industry.

License Requirements

In order to work professionally with a designation as a psychologist one has to fulfill certain state requirements.  An industrial-organizational psychologist requires a doctorate degree to professionally serve in any industry. One must complete two years of field work out of which one year of internship is necessary during a doctorate program. The second year has to be completed after earning a PhD which is of 2000 hours in duration. The state board considers applicants after they fulfill these requirements and decides whether one qualifies for the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology which is administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

Career Opportunities

Industrial-organizational Psychologist: Various areas for employment which can lead to a prosperous career can be found in major industries such as mining and transportation. They might work as human resource officers that improve environment and the condition of companies for the good mental and physical health of employees. They can even be a part of administrative procedures through which they effectively allocate human abilities for increased efficiency. They support work force rights of labor union organizations as well.

Traffic Psychologist: Individuals with a master’s degree in traffic concentration could plan to settle in Mississippi for a better future in transportation industry. In this industry, with knowledge of traffic psychology one can effectively organize and plan out routines to be followed by motorists.

Salary Trends

Psychologists have recorded an annual average earning of $59,000 in the state of Mississippi (

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