Psychology Careers and Licensure in Michigan

The state of Michigan is home to the Great Lakes of North America. It is also known as the hub of American vehicle production and has established a strong position in the market. It has a population of 9,876,187 with a foreign born population of 592,212 making it a multicultural state. This is the major reason why people of this state witness social issues that affect their mental health eventually. Cultural differences could lead to criminal activities for which professional psychologists are required to deal with root cause of the matter. Psychology careers in Michigan could be the right choice for those who understand the need of psychologists in this socially diversified state. It had an unemployment rate of 8.5% in 2012 according to a Bureau of Economic Analysis, which makes room for people who want to step in private as well as government sectors of Michigan.  (


One of the most popular industries in Michigan is the automobile industry. The state has been known as the automotive capital of the nation. Michigan produces 23% of the vehicles that are used in the United States of America. Cereal products, information technology, aerospace, military equipment, furniture, copper and iron are some of the major industries of this state. The state also has the 4th highest employment ratio in the plastics industry and in shipment of plastic goods ( Psychologists play a crucial role to help direct human resource departments improve efficiency in almost every organization of the state. They can also assist in creating goods to be more marketable and user friendly.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree
Psychology graduates find themselves working in a variety of areas on the basis of their background education such as in communications, scientific and statistical research methodologies, and behavioral studies. Graduates are employed in the highest growth occupations such as manufacturing, human services, information technology and health. Regardless of the recent recession, the state still comes under the top manufacturing states of U.S.

Masters Degree
Industrial-organizational psychologists are in high demand by the top employers of the state of Michigan. This is due to the fact that Michigan‘s economy is developed in recent times entirely due to the manufacturing industry. With an additional knowledge of human resources, organizational behavior and psychological principles a person develops the capability of improving productivity and facilitating production systems. Such qualification aids in providing effective assistance to the human resource team to function more effectively. At the regulatory level, positive psychology education allows one to help create policies and rules to improve the well being of people. This degree can help civil servants along with other governing members of the state to improve the overall ethics and moral obligations of society.

PhD Degree
With the completion of a doctorate program you need to get a license to practice the theories and principles learned. These qualified psychologists are mostly required in universities, prisons, hospitals, and large companies of Michigan. They also have the choice to work privately on their own by opening clinics. One may eventually come one step closer to getting employed in well-reputed companies after a PhD degree in one of the popular disciplines of psychology.

License Requirements

Michigan State has an economically driven society, therefore the capability and knowledge one has in a particular subject will provide better chances of fitting into the system. So it is preferable to study to the highest possible degree. Since a doctorate is more in demand in this market, one has to fulfill certain requirements to become a practicing licensed psychological expert. Initially, a person must complete 2000 hours of internship during the PhD program. Later, in order to receive licensure one must work for 2000 hours under the supervision of a licensed psychologist (

Career Opportunities

Since Michigan is relatively a high population state, there are various areas in which people can work and sustain the level of mental health of society members.

Counselors: At the national level there are three counseling specialties that are listed among the 30 fastest growing careers until the year 2016 – they are behavioral disorders and substance abuse, mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy. These careers have different growth ratios; substance abuse and behavioral disorders are expected to grow by 34%, marriage and counseling by 30% while mental health counseling by 30%. At state level they practice in various avenues such as, social welfare and health care. They can work as foster care case managers and assist people as therapists for life counseling.

Forensic Psychologists: With growing societal ills, forensic psychologists professionally work in various areas of correctional facilities where they evaluate motivation behind a committed crime or help reform convicts. They handle cases of crime to understand the mind-set of victims and in courts they help judges for the evaluation of such criminals. In the private industry, they function as human factor engineers.

Organizational- Industrial Psychologists: Organizational-industrial psychologists are hired in almost every industry to support the overall operation of firms. Hi-tech, military and automobiles are the top employing sectors that look for these psychologists. They work with highly qualified team members and formulate certain policies which would bring positivity among employees and their behaviors.

Salary Outlook

Psychologists in the state of Michigan earn $79,000 on average, annually (; 2012)

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