Psychology Careers and Licensure in Maryland

The state of Maryland is situated in Mid Atlantic territory of U.S. The state is bordered with the District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia. The state ranks at the 19th position among the 50 most populated states of U.S. The capital of the state is Annapolis, whereas Baltimore is considered to be the most populated city. Maryland is considered as the largest food producer. The city of Baltimore stands among the 8 biggest ports throughout the world. The population of the state surrounds Washington DC with the suburbs and cities.

Moreover, if we look at the employment pace of the state, psychology careers in Maryland have been growing more for individuals who have attained higher degrees than those without. They might easily enter this field of study and join one of the expanding industries of Maryland.


Maryland had a population of 5,828,289 in 2011according to United States Census Bureau. The households of this state are known to be the wealthiest in the nation. On the other hand, employment rate was around 6.6% in 2012 which presents plenty of job opportunities for psychologists. The state’s economy is heavily concentrated in the tertiary service sector which is mainly influenced by the geographical location.

As psychology entails numerous sub-fields, it could spread its roots in various industries to support them and take them towards prosperity. Psychologists try to understand how people feel when they encounter any unpleasant news. Their reaction could be the result of a mishap, bad incident or mental dysfunction. Psychologists have to make sure that patients do not attempt to hurt themselves after hearing any bad news.

The need for psychologists is growing along with the population rise. They are responsible to keep a check on patients when they encounter emotional, mental and behavioral disorders. The opportunity of working as a psychologist in the state of Maryland could change your present as well as your future.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

While opting for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you must learn about the available opportunities and offered pay scale. You need to be knowledgeable in psychological concepts when you finally decide to apply for a job after the completion of a graduate degree program.  You could get an opportunity to be employed in marketing departments, administration, social services or private health clinics. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree holder in psychology in Maryland might have tremendous opportunities to work as human service assistants, social service assistants, educators, information technology administrators or medical assistants. Employers are constantly in a search of fresh graduates.

Master’s Degree

A minimum of a Master’s degree is required to obtain a licensure. This degree prepares candidates for a variety of professions depending on the concentration they have chosen. You might work in various sectors such as social service agencies, business, health care facilities and government.

PhD Degree

A doctorate degree takes around 4-7 years for completion. You may get employed as a coach, therapist or counselor. Having a PhD degree may help getting access to better opportunities such as therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, or family and marriage counselors.

Licensing Requirements

To become a professional psychologist, candidates need to have proper educational experience, a license as well as certification. The state of Maryland provides candidates with certification as well as work experience for success in professional life. Candidates must complete 3000 hours of supervised work experience and pass the NCE examination to start working legally as a counselor.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for psychologists are expected to grow as the days pass by. A Ph.D. degree in psychology may be fruitful in advancing in a career. Having good skills of research and computers may also assist professional psychologists. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 620 people were employed as psychologists in the state of Maryland. The rate of employment per 1000 jobs is approximately 0.25%.

Clinical Psychologists: In Maryland 2,270 individuals were employed as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists where as 620 individuals were employed as psychologists. On the other hand 2,270 people were in the clinical and counseling sectors whereas 580 worked as social science research assistants. These psychologists usually serve in hospitals, private practices, health care and welfare centers.

Pediatric Psychologists: Individuals interested in assisting children with emotional and social disorders, taking care of their needs and dealing with their issues could work as pediatric psychologists. These psychologists must have an infinite love for children and must easily communicate with them to resolve their issues. With the growing use of social media and decreasing level of physical activity, children are having adverse psychological affects which can only be dealt with the help of a child psychologist.

Salary Outlook

As estimated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 the annual mean salary for psychologists in Maryland is $101,730.

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