Psychology Careers and Licensure in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is situated in the southern part of US. It is ranked at 25th out of 50 most populous states of America. The largest city is New Orleans and the capital of the state is Baton Rouge. The chief player in the economy of Louisiana is culture and tourism.  The estimated yearly income of the state is $5.2 billion. The prime industries of the state are tourism, oil and gas production, healthcare and information technology.


Psychology careers in Louisiana could be rewarding if you are willing to apply in one of the well-reputed industries. Therefore, individuals who have earned a higher degree from an accredited institute of Louisiana or from any other state, they might find employment in information technology industry or health care sector.


According to United States Census Bureau, Louisiana has population of around 4,574,836 in 2011. The top industries operating in this state are petroleum, food and transportation equipment, paper products, coal and chemical products. While tourism also play a chief role in backing up the economy of Louisiana.

Careers as psychologists could be gained in one of the industries that look for these experts to contribute in the productivity and growth. A psychologist should know about how a person feels if he is unable to cope up with the daily tasks. Every individual is blessed with some abilities but if they are unable to utilize their talent at the right time they become dejected. Psychology careers are growing by leaps and bounds. These experts are responsible to check patients and know if they have been suffering from behavioral, mental, and emotional disorders.

For a psychologist residing in the state of Louisiana would pave way for tremendous work opportunities. Since the population is growing more, routine life issues are increasing as well. Thus a psychologist may play a critical role in providing support to the people facing problems such as dejection or sadness.  Counseling psychologists, family and marriage therapists, industrial-organizational psychologists and clinical psychologists are some of the professionals that are hired in most of the companies and health care centers.

Educational Requirements

The pre-requisites of education may vary depending upon the area you reside in or opted to apply for employment.

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychology is a beneficial and versatile program which helps in getting employed in human resource departments of industries, social services, recreational services, administration, hospitals and private practices.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree in psychology may open many paths of staggering careers. With the attainment of this degree you would carry out various duties under different posts including designing different health programs, working in academia, college counseling centers, marriage, family and child counseling and many others. This degree would also help you to become an industrial-organizational psychologist to facilitate organizations, which includes knowing the psyche of employees and creating a more viable environment for them.

PhD Degree

To become the best of the lot, you must have a PhD degree. It will assist to pick and choose the careers related to public policy, forensic, research, academics and counseling. Besides that they may also opt for private practice.

Licensure Requirements

order to get access to the work environment it is important that candidates must first complete a doctoral degree. They must have work experience under the supervision of an experienced psychologist. They could also contact Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists for obtaining a licensure to start practice.

Career Opportunities

Every state has its own set of rules when it comes to career opportunities. As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011, more or less 220 individuals were employed as psychologists in the state of Louisiana . The top employer for psychologists in this state is Medicaid. Mostly, the job outlook depends upon the employer and the state regulations. Having relevant education may help getting employed in academics, forensics, research and organizations. Besides all these, they may also have the option to practice privately.

Counselors: A lot of factors have contributed to elevate the demand of counselors in this state. Some of the factors are, a long hurricanes history, 2005’s Katrina, high rate poverty, increased teenage drop-out rate and high teenage pregnancy rate. Mental health counselors might witness 44.4% of growth till the year 2016 as predicted by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. ( ) This state has the highest concentration of school, educational and vocational counselors, which is notably a good news for adults and teens looking for employment.

Marriage and Family Therapists: The issues of unstable economy have long been affecting family relationships in the state of Louisiana. For that matter, a lot of families and couples are taking assistance of marriage and family therapists to resolve their issues. The main duties of these therapists are to help patients cope up with the stress due to financial constraint and other issues of parent-child relationship, abuse or at times interventions. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14% growth will be seen in this area till the year 2018. (

Salary Trends

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates, since 2011, the annual mean salary for a psychologist in the state of Louisiana is $80,480.

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