Psychology Careers and Licensure in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has a rich heritage in both the industrial and agricultural sectors. The state consists of a large aluminum industry and has chemical plants in the region. However, traditionally the state has been popular for cultivation of crops like tobacco and was known as the “Hemp State” due to abundance of hemp plantations. Other than being the second largest tobacco producer in the country, the state is rich in mineral resources. With its expanding industries in almost every sector there is an increase seen in the psychology careers in Kentucky. Employers have been looking for fresh graduates as well as specialized professionals to deal with mental issues and behavioral disorders in different settings.

Kentucky Overview

Kentucky has applied efforts in transforming its agriculture produce into finished goods such as textiles. As being home of the second largest chemical industry in the country, they produce pharmaceuticals, chemicals and paints. Kentucky possesses mineral resources and is the leading producer of coal. With such vast amounts of production in various sectors, the state has also invested in the service industry that has risen gradually. Such economic driving factors have one common ingredient of human resource that assures productivity and progress at the same time.


A healthy employee is a productive employ which is why mental health is of great significance. The state of Kentucky has a population of over 4.3 million which could serve as an effective contributor if people show more on dedication towards their work.(  The state requires psychologists in almost every industry to maintain and enhance the human ability to learn more with time. These psychologists might work as counselors, rehabilitation psychologists, engineering psychologists, aviation psychologists and most importantly industrial/organizational psychologists to implement viable strategies at workplace

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

A clinical psychology graduate is eligible to join any health care organization as a professional counselor that advises patients being part of a health care team. An effective way one learns and gains such ability is by volunteering to help the less fortunate members of the society.

Master’s Degree

With a masters degree in psychology one can study various subdivisions. For instance, educational and counseling concentrations have the highest employment rate in this state. Such professionals with their expertise in a particular area aid society to lead more positive lives while also concentrate on welfare of the state. These psychologists work in educational institutes and different research departments to highlight the new concerns that affect society as a whole.

PhD Degree

A doctorate in clinical psychology will make you eligible for employment in the health care sector to foster social welfare in Kentucky. A PhD in neuropsychology is also in demand as these psychologists help understand the root causes for behavioral changes to deal with them for better coexistence of all.

License Requirements

The successful completion of one’s PhD is necessary to gain licensure to be qualified as a psychologist in Kentucky. The requirements include work experience of minimum two years or 1800 hours. Furthermore, 100 hours must be spent under qualified supervision.  The national board selects applicants who have fulfilled such requirements and then allow them to give the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

Educational Psychologists: Employment opportunities for educational psychologists include counselor services in schools, colleges, and universities. Student counselor positions in various educational institutes at all levels provide great benefits to students as well as teachers. They support policies that result in effective learning and mental development of students. Research departments also expand with their services, as they keep on providing material on contemporary issues related to psychology and mental growth.

Counselors:  They are also employed as case managers who deal with a variety of individuals that are in need of supervision, such as orphans, convicts and those dependent on welfare. In various agencies of Kentucky instructions from such professionals are required to teach and enlighten others to lead a healthier life. The major areas of employment for such individuals are educational institutes and health care centers where they assist as counselors and advisors. In state regulatory departments they care for families regarding welfare or rehabilitation of community members. Employment opportunities for these experts are expected to grow by 22 percent till 2018. ( 61% individuals with a PhD degree are employed in this state.

Salary Outlook

Psychologists in Kentucky have been recorded to earn up to annual income of $90,000. (

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