Psychology Careers and Licensure in Florida

The great state of Florida is also among the richest in cultural heritage and agriculture. As being located on the shorelines, this state caters to a wide area of shipping and transportation functions. In addition to that, the ocean provides for various healthy activities and recreation. The state is populated with immigrants that have settled here for decades and it continues to receive high immigrant volume. Florida is ideal for anyone looking for a career in psychology as this state offers a great deal of job opportunities in the field.



With a multicultural set of population there has been a tendency for various forms of racism, racial abuse and hate crimes in the region. Immigrants in this state have traveled from less developed countries that make them the victims of racism by the older inhabitant communities, who eventually apply their superiority with aggression. The state of Florida, with such a high population has been encountering various societal ills. There is a great challenge to eradicate the illegal substances especially narcotics, which has been smuggled in through Latin America. Not only has this resulted in damaging the society at all levels but has also led to hate-crimes. The state needs trained and qualified psychologists that could bring a positive change among the youth to avoid use of such abuse of substances.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychology helps one gain necessary set of skills that could be helpful in understanding consumers or suppliers and improve one’s ability to deal with them. A bachelor’s in this field provides basic foundation of principles that equips one with the necessary skills and knowledge required to attain a job in this field.

Master’s Degree

With a masters degree in psychology one can become part of a health care team that specifically attempts to improve overall well being of individuals in the state. A master’s degree can allow one to function in an advisory capacity in which they can direct, guide or lead individuals to a positive mind frame.

PhD Degree

With a PhD, one will have the capability to help discover social issues and improve the welfare of a society at the macro level. They might encounter more chances of success in their professional life as compared to people who have earned a master’s degree.

License Requirements

In order to attain licensure to practice in the state of Florida, one has to complete certain state specific requirements including completion of 4000 hours of psychological practical experience under supervision. The supervisor must have approval from the Florida Board of Psychology. After submitting an application, it is essential to attain verification from the supervising psychologist that evaluates your eligibility to sit for the Florida licensure examination. The Florida Board of Psychology requires that a person pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Career Opportunities

Substance Abuse Counselors: As part of community services provision, these professionals in Florida help increase communication between various communities in vast multicultural states. In more concentrated healthcare professions that are community-oriented, they provide counseling services to drug abusers, juvenile delinquents and convicted felons to help them re-enter the community.

Educational Psychologists: In the education field, they are able to help in the development of children and the methodology of educating them. Educational psychologists with a strong academic background have the option to work for various universities and colleges, where they can conduct research on methods that should be applied by universities to enhance the learning abilities of students. They also contribute in compiling the curriculum undertaking the capability of students to learn.

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