Psychology Careers and Licensure in Delaware

The demand for Psychologists is gradually increasing all over the United States of America. In recent times, the global socio-political environment has resulted in an economic down-turn having a grave effect on the societies. As society is evolving, so are mental health needs for people to function in the ever evolving environment to survive. Various psychology fields in Delaware are also witnessing an increase in economy activity, along with the rest of the states.


Delaware happens to be the smallest state in all of United States of America. Majority of its population lives in the Dover, the Capital of Delaware. Basic extracurricular activities such as restaurants and cultural exhibits are available in the larger cities, but Delaware mostly entertains its inhabitants through natural environments. This includes landscapes, horseback riding, fishing or sports such as golf.

However, being mainly a suburban state in nature there are factors resulting in psychological un-wellness. The small-town syndrome has quite an effect on the habitants of the state of Delaware. It results from the lack of extracurricular activities through which one might become frustrated by not having sufficient vents to release frustration. Indulging in habits such as substance abuse or alcoholism can result in social disappointment at all levels. There have been many cases witnessed among the minorities of hate crime that resulted in poor mental health and fear of the unknown. Issues as child abuse and suicide are among the main areas of concern.

Education Requirements

To be well accepted as a psychologist, one should earn a doctorate in one of the specialized areas of this discipline. The specialization selection is entirely up to students as they must take into consideration interests, aptitude, as well as career opportunities.

Bachelor’s Degree

One can become part of a counselor program or assist other mental healthcare professionals with a basic bachelor’s degree in psychology. However, a basic bachelor’s degree will help build a conceptual base for advanced learning.

Master’s Degree

With a masters degree in psychology one can qualify to be a guidance counselor in a school or even be part of various self-assistance programs such as counseling. Keeping in view the social condition of Delaware, a master’s degree holder in counseling, rehabilitation or clinical concentration would have numerous work opportunities in hospitals, healthcare centers, mental care centers, and substance abuse centers.

Doctorate Degree

A doctorate allows one to be able to apply psychological concepts and theories to many facets of life. With a doctorate one learns practical know-how of psychological practices in diagnostics and treatment through supervised hands-on training. A PhD in clinical concentration would allow one to attain a reputable position without many efforts at any well-renowned hospital.

License Requirements

After one completes their doctorate in psychology they must complete mandatory 1500 hours of work in a relevant psychology field under supervision which usually takes around a year. The Delaware Board of psychologists Examiners approves the application which allows one to be able to go for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP). After clearing this exam one receives their Delaware psychologists’ license.

Career Opportunities

Psychologists are required in all fields of human social interaction and development.

Pediatric psychologists

Pediatric psychologists are required in educational institutes to care for children and their education. They are responsible for improving methods of learning and for helping those with learning disabilities. Pediatric psychologists are normally employed in Delaware in various hospitals and medical centers.

Marriage Counselors

Due to ever increasing social issues, a lot of people have been suffering from relationship problems for which they look for counselors to help. They are required professionally to engage in family therapy for married couples and their children so as to assure improved living standards for all. They are hired in counseling centers, hospitals, and they may also work in private facilities.

Salary Outlook

Psychologists in the state of Delaware have recorded annual earnings, as of 2012, to average out as $63,000. (

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