Psychology Careers and Licensure in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is situated in the Southern territory of U.S. It is placed at 32nd among the 50 most populous territories within the country. Little Rock is the capital and the most populous city of Arkansas. Many global companies are located in the state and have seen a rise in new businesses since 1970. Most recently, the economy has been strengthening the health care and automobile industry. The field of healthcare has seen an increase in the past few years. Psychology careers in Arkansas will help you establish yourself in the economy and provide you with job security. You will come across many working professionals in Arkansas such as health aides, employment specialists and teachers, who on the basis of their degrees can look for work. The population of Arkansas will continue to grow more and eventually it will transform into a service oriented economy, where there will be a great demand for psychologists in health services, social services as well as in education.


Arkansas is home to many businesses that have been flourishing with time and at the same time providing employment opportunities to people living across borders. Many global companies have headquarters in the northwest corner of Arkansas, such as Wal-Mart, J.B Hunt and Tyson Foods. This state has witnessed an economic boom within the last few decades. In recent times many factories of automobile parts have been operating in Arkansas to supply to other states.

With so many job opportunities, psychologists should not face lack of opportunities in any sector. However, psychologists must be familiar with all the aspects regarding the behavior and emotions of humans. Psychologists are trained to understand emotions using various techniques of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and controlled laboratory experiments. In the state of Arkansas, there are tremendous opportunities to practice as a psychologist.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduates are trained through theoretical work and practical training to serve in law, media, research, human resource and many other areas of the behavioral and social sciences. A bachelor’s degree in psychology and relevant licensure might allow you to work in public and non-profit health care facilities, private practices and state agencies.

Master’s Degree

Individuals with a master’s degree gradually develop skills that range from working with emotionally disturbed people to disabled children and adults. They work in counseling, business, education, medicine, government and social services. Mostly, in companies in Arkansas individuals with a master’s degree are given preference over graduates. Employment ratio is high for marriage and family therapists due to increased issues related to families and couples.

PhD Degree

To work as a licensed psychologist in Arkansas it is preferable that candidates have a doctoral degree in one of the specialized areas of psychology. Candidates must submit an original dissertation as well as plan on 5-7 years of work before setting off to join an organization. The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services reports a 2% increase in health care and social assistance jobs till the year 2016. This is quite a positive outlook for psychologists (

Licensing requirements

In order to get a license in Arkansas, candidates need to possess a master’s degree. Candidates must attain supervised experience of 3000 hours. They are also required to pass NCE examination to eventually get a license to practice their developed skills. You could also contact the Arkansas State Board of Examiners in case you may need answers to your queries (

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 70 individuals were employed as psychologists at the rate of 0.06%. White County Medical Center, North Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, Arkansas Regional Medical Center and Baptist Health Medical Center are considered as the top employers located in Arkansas.

Marriage and Family Therapy: In Arkansas psychologists are ranked among the 20 top professionals with jobs and they will continue to face double digit growth till the year 2014. As predicted by the Arkansas Department of Commerce, the employment rate of psychologists has been increasing in areas like mental health counseling, social services and marriage and family therapy.

Clinical Psychologists: Psychologists play a diverse role by being part of almost every single industry. Similarly, clinical psychologists are famous for their communication and diagnostic skills. They are needed in private practices to facilitate people suffering from various mental disorders and behavioral changes.

Forensic Psychologists: During the period of economic transition, Arkansas witnessed many incidents which have led to the need of forensic psychologists in Arkansas. They make positive changes in the court system with their presence and contribute in solving crime cases. They are hired to provide counseling to crime victims, judges and lawyers.

Salary Trends

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 the annual mean salary for psychologists in Arkansas is $83,080.

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