Psychology Careers and Licensure in Arizona

The state of Arizona is located in the southwestern region of the United States. It is mostly popular for its recreational activities such as fishing and hunting. The state holds a population of 6.6 million people. Phoenix, the largest city of the state is the capital of Arizona. The state presents a diversified lifestyle and offers various job opportunities to those who are in search for a growing career.  Arizona has tremendous opportunities for healthcare professionals. Psychology careers in Arizona are therefore largely seen in the health care industry. Individuals need to have a strong educational background in one of the concentrations of psychology for the making their way to the top.


Arizona has a moderately diverse economy with transportation, government and healthcare being the largest economic sectors. Phoenix is the hub of economic output which accounts for 74% of the domestic product. People who have been wishing to reside in this Arizona must choose a career that brightens their future and allows them to enjoy a decent standard of living.

As a psychologist, one could apply the fundamental theories and concepts in various areas to add value to the industrial and healthcare sectors. The purpose of a psychologist is to know about how a person feels from inside when they encounter problems and negative emotions. A psychologist needs to be observant while studying human nature and emotions. They carry out processes such as psychotherapy, controlled laboratory experiments and psychoanalysis. There are tremendous amounts of career opportunities in Arizona for psychologists to pursue.

Educational Requirements

A career in psychology requires years of schooling and education. Besides that, you are also provided with the necessary training to work as a professional.

Bachelor’s Degree

Psychology graduates work in diverse areas of business, social science and research. Trade, mining, construction, and healthcare industries may offer job opportunities to students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Arizona’s economy will continue to grow which would increase the ratio of healthcare and research based jobs to others. Therefore graduates with knowledge of fundamental principles and advanced training will be given preference over others.

Master’s Degree

Employers in Arizona predict employment growth for individuals with a master’s degree – industries to look out for are nonprofit organizations, community organizations, hospitals, residential care facilities, and medical clinics. Mostly the employment increase is witnessed in the large population centers. Forensic, industrial-organizational, clinical, and counseling are the most popular sub-fields of Psychology to have a career in.

Doctoral Degree

Increased job opportunities and higher salary could be enjoyed with a PhD degree. With a wide range of majors, psychologists have many career choices to select from and at the end of the day can get associated with top employers in the industry. Opportunities can be found in social service agencies, private practices, hospitals, substance abuse clinics, research laboratories, correctional institutions and government agencies.

Licensure Requirements

For earning a licensure in Arizona, the candidates may be required to go through additional academic training. With this you will become eligible to avail various opportunities as a psychologist. It is important that candidates possess a doctoral degree to get licensed. They Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners helps aspiring students with licenses.

Career Opportunities

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 180 individuals were employed as psychologists with an employment rate of 0.08% for 1000 individuals.

Clinical Psychologists: Psychologists in Arizona find the job market quite positive after attaining a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Arizona Department of Economic Security projects a great outlook for clinical psychologists, with an expected growth of 27% till the year 2016. Potentials job areas are hospitals, private clinics, health care centers and correctional facilities.

Counseling Psychologists: Individuals who have been planning to enter the field of counseling in the state of Arizona in the coming years will be surprised to witness the growth and rewards. Till 2016 counseling jobs will spread in the large metropolitan areas of Arizona. According to Arizona’s workforce website, growth rates according to job positions are 35% growth for school, vocational and educational counselors, 34.9% growth for behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselors, 37.2% growth for family and marriage therapists, 23.4% growth for rehabilitation counselors, 40.5% growth for mental health counselors and 23.4% for rehabilitation counselors.

Salary Outlook

As stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 the annual mean salary for a psychologist in Arizona is $92,840.

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