Psychology Careers and Licensure in Alaska

Alaska is considered to be the largest state of the U.S as it engulfs a large portion of land. Alaska offers tremendous job opportunities to qualified candidates of most disciplines. As reported by America’s career infonet, the fastest growing sector of Alaska is the health care industry. Psychology careers in Alaska are also in abundance because of the state’s competitive edge possessed by healthcare professionals. A psychology academic background facilitates people to find opportunities in health settings in schools, social services agencies, pastoral centers and private counseling practices.


Alaska was ranked as the 47th most populated state of United States in 2012, with a population count of 722,718 in 2011. It is known as the least densely populated state and also globally famous for being the most sparsely populated place. The economy of this state is dominated by revenues generated from petroleum extraction which represents 80% of its economy. On the other hand, the agricultural sector only forms a fraction of its economy.

Employment opportunities are usually found in the government, shipping, transportation and natural resource extraction sectors.  Moreover, military bases have a fair share economic activity in Alaska. With only a few major industries dominating the economy it is wise to accordingly aim for those industries when seeking employment.

Psychologists could add value to these growing industries which have largely been responsible for shaping the economy of Alaska. A few different psychologists that can emerge are clinical, engineering, industrial and rehabilitation psychologists. These professionals serve by understanding the thought processes, behavior and emotions of people in general. For this purpose they are provided with appropriate training so that they can analyze, diagnose and treat the mental disorders of groups and individuals through various therapies. Patients are asked about certain aspects of life through which their temperament, behavior and intelligence are understood and recorded. As Alaska’s urban population increases, need for social services, teachers and counselors is also showing signs of positive growth.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for employment may vary according to the sub-field of psychology you pick. For instance, a school psychologist may be required to possess a master’s degree in order to work. Through appropriate education and work experience, psychologists can push further and reach new career heights. They may have to go through hours of research in the field to further gain a competitive advantage.

Bachelors in Psychology

Becoming a psychologist in Alaska may require educational expertise in accordance with state regulations. Graduates may get employed in various fields such as human resources, natural resources, health care, and substance abuse. Psychologists are required to have skills of empirical analysis, data collection, assessment and scientific research.

Masters in Psychology

To know more about advanced principles of Psychology, a master’s degree may play a pivotal role. There are many variables to consider when choosing a line of work. Since the state of Alaska is undergoing an employment crisis, a graduate with a multicultural understanding may survive in the job environment. Students may also gain hands-on approaches as well as practical and scientific knowledge. With a master’s degree, you would have a chance to work for companies and well known psychologists. Besides that you could also work as an industrial or organizational psychologist in a petroleum company, the agricultural sector or in the military as a counselor.

Doctoral Degree

Perhaps the longest educational process is of a doctoral degree. This may turn out to be rewarding, in case you are ready to accept the challenge. Holders of a doctoral degree may get ample opportunities to work in Alaska and may also enjoy benefits along with handsome salaries. Many industries might hire you once you pursue a degree with majors in forensic, social,industrial-organizational, clinical, experimental psychology or neuropsychology.

Licensing Requirements

To get access to the careers in counseling and clinical psychology, individuals may need to possess a doctoral degree. It is important that candidates pass the national and state exam. They must also complete clinical supervision for two years and get the licensure of Alaska. Licensure is provided by Alaska Psychological Association. After you receive the doctoral degree you could request for a temporary license. On submitting the proof of your degree and attaining experience you are finally provided with the licensure.

Career Opportunities

The industry of healthcare is one of the biggest sectors for employment in Alaska. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 more or less 290 people were employed out of 1000 at the rate of 0.92%.  Getting access to job opportunities depend mostly upon education and the employer. You may get employment opportunities in clinics, hospitals, organizations, schools and educational institutes. You may find positions for work such as a clinical psychologist, experimental psychologist, marriage and family therapists or a neuropsychologist. According to figures, more or less 61% of the employees worked in health care services while 34% in educational services, government and nonprofit sectors. On the other hand, 2% were hired in pharmaceutical industries and 1% in the field of Biotechnology(

Experimental Psychologist: Experimental psychologists through certain methodologies, analyze human and animal behavior. This field makes great use of technological advancements for the purpose of testing. Experimental psychologists take into account various aspects including human perception, physiological changes, memory, motivation, and sensation.

Marriage and Family Therapists: One of the most important areas of focus of Psychology is the domestic health. Due to a rise in unemployment rates in Alaska, there has been an increase in the incidence of relationship problems. Thus for this purpose the role of marriage and family therapists is considered as an important one.

Salary Trends

According the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2011 the annual mean salary for a psychologist working in Alaska is more or less $ 72,130.

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