Top States To Study Health Psychology

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Health Psychology is a sub division of psychology which focuses on the affects of illnesses and other influences on health factors such as biological, psychological as well as behavioral.

Health psychologists comprehend how individuals behave in terms of actions, reactions, cope and recover from any kind of ailments. To contribute to health care industry greatly you must consider the top states to study health psychology.

Top States To Study Health Psychology

North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is located in south-eastern region of the United States and ranks 10th for being highly populated. Improved living standards of the people of the state are due to inclusion of research and development in the field of health psychology.

East Carolina University offers Health Psychology doctorate programs which focus on the bio-psychosocial approaches to comprehend health and illness. The fundamental areas of study in this field are, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness, etiology, promotion, and maintenance of health.

New Jersey

New Jersey is considered to be the third highest household wealth state among all. Due to settlement of different communities from various parts of Europe and Asia it has a distinctive multicultural identity, and has to maintain the health of its communities at the same time.

Rutgers University’s Interdisciplinary offers health psychology doctorate programs to improve the understanding of human mechanics that connect behavior to physical health conditions.

Subjects of focus include stress-related changes in the immune system, symptom perception, stress-management techniques and physician-patient interactions.


Washington has the 15th largest city of the world, Seattle, in which 60% of constituents of the state reside. It shares border with neighboring Canada and has a relatively colder climate that has affect on mental and physical health.

Therefore, Antioch University offers a program of masters in arts in clinical mental health counseling that focuses on basic methods of counseling patients to adjust their life styles on the basis of health status.

Subjects of study in this program include addictions and substance abuse, abusive relationships, loss and grief, and psycho-diagnostics and treatment planning.


The state of Colorado located in the western regions of the nation is home to geographic attractions with Great Plains and southern Rocky Mountains. Colorado State University offers masters in health psychology with one of the popular specializations of occupational health and safety.

The three main tiers of their program are based on work-related stress, occurrence of workplace violence, and effective ways to encourage employees in workplace wellness


Pennsylvania is the 6th most populated states of the nation and has a large health care industry that requires constant research along with service improvement.

Pennsylvania State University, a post secondary educational institute offers certificate programs in health psychology. This certification program requires the completion of master’s degree in one of the fields of psychology such as applied clinical psychology or counseling psychology.

Subjects compiled for health psychology certificate program include, clinical health psychology, ethics and professional practice in psychology and counseling, preventive psychology, multicultural counseling, neuropsychological assessment.