How Can You Obtain an Online Master’s Degree in Psychology?
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Many colleges and universities now offer online master’s degrees in psychology. Distance learning is a good option for older, non-traditional students who want to pursue or continue their education. Online master’s degree programs in psychology vary in quality and accreditation so it is important that you thoroughly research these programs before investing the time and energy it takes to obtain a master’s degree in psychology online. (more…)

May 7, 2014
How Can You Get a PhD in Psychology Online
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It is true that the convenience of an online education can be quite alluring for many students, especially older students and those who work full-time. In today’s world, you can find a variety of traditional and fully-online colleges and universities that offer doctoral psychology degrees (Ph.D.). If you are contemplating earning an online doctoral degree in psychology, there are a number of factors you should consider before enrolling. (more…)

Oct 24, 2013
How to Become a Private Psychologist
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Breaking out into private practice can be a daunting adventure for psychologists, but it can be a great experience, for both the psychologist and the clients. Postgraduate school students are increasingly pursuing the private practice route, with an estimated half of those working in the mental health field find themselves working in an independent setting. (more…)

Jul 1, 2013
7 Celebrities with a Psychology Degree
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Many of the celebrities we see on the television today are singers, actors, filmmakers, athletes or generally involved in some entertainment genre or the other. Despite them being involved in the mainstream entertainment section of society, many of our most popular celebrities were engaged in the world of psychology as well. (more…)

Dec 20, 2012
Career Opportunities in Developmental Psychology
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Developmental psychology is one of the many fields of psychology,which includes other diverse specialties as abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, and cognitive psychology, among others. In this field, psychologists study human development from childhood through adulthood, with a goal of understanding why and how people change throughout different stages of their lives. (more…)

Dec 16, 2012
How to Obtain a Masters Degree in Psychology
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In order to pursue a master’s degree in psychology, candidates have to be familiar with the many different specializations offered in this field. Only when they choose a particular specialty and decide if they want to work in a business, clinical, educational, or research setting can they seriously begin the hunt for the right master’s degree program for them.


Nov 17, 2012
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