Best States To Study Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology is a process by which psychologists assess, treat diagnose and prevent various mental illnesses. Clinical psychologists function in medical settings but are not doctors that prescribe medication. Instead they attempt to help patients discover a path to recovery through guidance and counseling techniques.

Areas of practice in clinical psychology include treating individuals that have some form of learning or development disorder and dealing with behavioral changes. Individuals suffering from job related stress can be treated by clinical psychologists. Therefore, to earn a reputable degree to be a part of efficient team of psychologists look for best states to study clinical psychology.

clinical psychology


With a relatively higher multicultural population the state of California is among the leaders in teaching clinical psychology. Its efforts take into consideration ethnic origin of various communities that are part of the state. It has set forth certain criterion for students to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology, which include having a bachelor’s degree in psychology for a strong foundation. You could apply for any degree keeping in view your present qualification.

New York

As the center of American culture and the driving force for the economic sustenance New York is ranked 11th in clinical psychology education. With an increased level of competitive energies along with mind frame of survival of the fittest New York has to ensure the development and well being of their future generations.  For that matter, there is a wide array of educational programs offered by top universities to study clinical psychology.


The state of Texas ranks at 11 in educating clinical psychology. As the biggest state in the United States of America its constituents originate from various parts of the world. The communities have differing thoughts on beliefs systems, and cultural views.  Aspects on cultural living have given rise to discriminatory behaviors whose victims can be treated with clinical psychology. Therefore, the state offers exceptional psychology degree program for its residents and students living outside to earn clinical psychology degrees to serve as brilliant professionals.


The state of Massachusetts has earned itself 26th rank for educating clinical psychology. As being the hub of education in America, the state has invested in learning disabilities research and how they can be treated through study of clinical psychology. Due to the mid western culture and the relatively colder climate of Massachusetts, it has a tendency of having psychological illnesses. Therefore, the clinical psychology programs offered by various universities in bachelor’s master’s and doctorate could eventually increase the number of clinical psychologists required in the state.


Having the 6th rank in providing best clinical psychology education, students might easily apply for a specialized program in this area of study. Pennsylvania has numerous clinical psychology education options, which include certificate courses and degree programs, along with subjects of nursing techniques and midwifery. Some of the popular programs are counseling psychology– clinical bases of treatment and recovery and clinical development psychology.

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