Best Careers With a Psychology Bachelors Degree

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For most people, the best career is one which is respectable, offers good pay, and has opportunities for advancement and increased responsibility over time. Even knowing this, choosing the right career is a difficult task which involves not only understanding the nature of the work itself, but also the educational and training requirements necessary to even enter the field. The best careers are not necessarily those which you can obtain easily or quickly; sometimes you must invest a lot of time and effort to become a well-qualified and respected professional, but the end result is always worth the trouble.

best careers with a psychology bachelors degree

One such field which has earned an impressive reputation for itself is psychology. In this field, highly trained professionals study mental processes and brain function to help patients cope with (and in some cases eliminate) certain psychological problems. By conducting research, observing patients, and taking on an interdisciplinary approach including medicine, philosophy, and natural science, psychologists help their patients improve brain function, attention, perception, interpersonal relationships, and much more.

Abnormal Psychologist

Abnormal psychologists observe, diagnose, and treat abnormal behavior and psychopathology issues in people. In addition, they also treat problems associated with mental disorders, obsession, depression, and sexual deviance.These professionals mostly work in rehabilitation centers, universities, clinics, hospitals, and residential care centers. In 2012, the average annual salary of an abnormal psychologist was $62,000 (

Cognitive Psychologist

Cognitive psychologists study different parts of the brain, including memory and thought. Although they use the same scientific approaches used in other branches of psychology, they conduct additional research not commonly performed in traditional psychoanalysis. One of their most common tasks is to address the relationship between the brain and language,which means they must understand and use a variety of speech therapy techniques to help their patients. With a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology, you could find work as a cognitive psychologist in various settings, including therapy centers, hospitals, clinics, government organizations, or research facilities. You might also specialize in software development or organizational psychology. Although pay is dependent on geographical location and experience, the average cognitive psychologist in 2012 earned an annual salary of $78,000 (

Adolescent Psychologist

Adolescent psychologists study and treat abnormalities with teenagers’ emotional, intellectual, and behavioral performances. To ensure the children’s good health, these psychologists commonly focus on not only the patient’s mental health, but also their physical wellbeing, particularly in those patients suffering from mental and/or physical ailments which inhibit or even prevent normal personal and social growth. After obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree, adolescent psychologists typically work in settings like hospitals, children’s therapy centers,schools, and private clinics. In 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there to be 100,850 adolescent psychologists working in the United States, including those in clinical settings and those who worked as school psychologists. The average professional made a yearly salary of $86,000 in 2012 (

Regardless of which path you choose, you will likely need to meet certain licensure requirements mandated by the state in which you practice.

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