Psychology Careers in Alabama

One may face vocational and personal challenges in Alabama’s job market. These obstacles need to be dealt with by individuals and communities as a whole. During their careers, most professionals are tested when they face change – and those with a solid academic background may possess a competitive advantage. Psychology careers in Alabama are gaining immense success due to a competitive environment in the job market. With an excellent academic background, Psychology professionals work in social service agencies, private counseling practices, pastoral centers and schools in the heart of Dixie.


Alabama may be one of the best places to live and work in. It has population of 5 million which has been contributing positively to the economy. In various sectors such as education, healthcare and governmental organizations there is a dire need of qualified Psychology professionals. Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Birmingham and similar areas that are densely populated may present numerous job opportunities.

An industry that may usually enlist the services of a Psychologist is the Justice system. As a matter of fact, Alabama has a large active prison system. By focusing on Forensics, one could apply the learned concepts and principles to understand how the human mind functions. In effect, this understanding will help one understand criminal behavior and use this knowledge to add value to the legal system.

Education Requirements

Education requirements differ according to employers in various geographical locations. If you intend to apply in the Criminal Justice industry then you must earn a major in forensic psychology. On the other hand, for practicing your counseling abilities in a clinic, a concentration in clinical psychology must be earned. With the competitive environment in the Social Services industry of Alabama, a degree in counseling would serve you the best. In order to climb up the organizational hierarchy you may have to work for a doctoral degree.

Depending on which Psychology niche you have focused on, you may find attractive opportunities as an elementary school teacher, a probation officer, a correctional treatment specialist, a rehabilitation counselor or a correctional officer. If you wish to practice your area of expertise, a doctoral degree may be necessary.

License Requirements

Doctoral degree holders must clear the examination held by the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology in order to gain licensure. If after a master’s degree you wish to earn a license to practice Psychology, you may be required to complete 60 or more credit hours. Those who intend to work as a school psychologist, must complete a graduate program and earn the relevant teaching credentials. Furthermore, they must also clear the school psychometrics program that is approved by the Alabama State Board of Education.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are usually employed in the education and healthcare sectors and these happen to be some of the largest industries in Alabama according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Moreover, there is an ever increasing demand for forensic psychologists. Alabama has gradually moved ahead from agricultural and industrial jobs and so one might find many career opportunities in the Criminal and Legal industry. One could utilize their expertise as a consultant in civil and criminal cases with ample opportunities for growth. Hospitals, private firms and government agencies are also some of the options to explore. Earning a doctorate may present greater job opportunities.

Graduates might find work in positions such as counselors, who often work with children and adults. Some of the issues addressed in these areas are that of family and marriage, employment challenges, education, families and spiritual matters.


According to, the average yearly salary of a Psychologist in Alabama is $77,358.  Formal education and practical exposure can greatly influence your earning potential.

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