Adolescent Psychology Schools in West Virginia

Being the state in the Appalachian region and bordering Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania; West Virginia plays a significant part in serving country’s needs. The state has lots of metropolitan areas as well as places that serve as tourist’s spots. Due to an increase in awareness of public health in people, health care has flourished a lot. United Health System is a firm operating in health care sector and is the largest employer of the state.

Adolescent psychology is a sub-field of psychology which deals with the psychological issues of children. These practitioners not only examine different behavioral issues but cases related to mental disturbances to ensure a complete treatment for fixing mental health conditions. If you consider pursuing a career in this field then first you would have to acquire knowledge from adolescent psychology schools in West Virginia.

These schools are well known for their best coursework and training at master’s and doctoral level. These degrees are properly licensed and are acceptable in almost every state of the country. You will be learning the basic and advance subjects related to mental health of children, cognitive development and behavioral changes that occur with time. Employers in the state give preference to doctoral degrees earned in psychology from accredited psychology colleges. Upon completion you will be a part of respectable firms, organizations, private clinics of psychologists, rehabilitation centers, child care hospitals and also educational institutes.

Employment level for adolescent psychologists is quite bright is West Virginia. You might have several opportunities to grow professionally once you begin to work. The salary of adolescent psychologists as of 2012 is $68,000 per year ( Number of jobs that are said to open till 2018 are 860 and the expected rate of employment is 2% of clinical, school and counsel psychologist. (

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