Adolescent Psychology Schools in Vermont

Vermont is located in the New England region of United States. It borders New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York. The economy of the state is flourishing and there are several industries running profitably including agriculture, retail trade, health care, education, construction and social assistance.

Vermont is known to have employed most people in education sector as well as health care. Psychology is a field of in health care which has lots of specialties like health, educational, or clinical psychologists. One emerging psychology field is of adolescent psychology in which individuals look and treat children with mental development disorders and disabilities they develop over time. These health issues have serious drawbacks on children’s’ academic performances and need to be treated. Thus practitioners who want to study this discipline might look out for professional adolescent psychology schools in Vermont.

Not only do these schools offer you degrees that are affiliated but they also train you for a thriving professional life. All the training and education is provided and looked after by specialists of the field. As seen by the job statistics in Vermont, most popular degrees in the state are of masters and doctoral level. By acquiring these degrees through registered psychology colleges you might get employed in schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, mental care centers and other areas.

The state has a great requirement for these adolescent health scientists as the future development of Vermont depends entirely on its youth. Their popularity also increases as adolescent psychologists are licensed by the state and parents are more comfortable to acquire treatment from them. According to the Occupation Profile of Counseling and School Psychologists in Vermont, the employment level is expected to rise by 7% and up to 690 new jobs will be offered till 2018 ( The mean salary earned by adolescent psychologists as of 2012 is $67,000 per year (

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