Adolescent Psychology Colleges in Ohio

Ohio is among the leading industrial states on the United States of America as it is at the third spot after California and New York in this category. The state happens to have the seventh largest economy amongst all states and inclusive of District of British Columbia. The state of Ohio has a population of over eleven and a half million which includes over 2.7 million children. According to statistics provided by the Children’s Defense Fund every fifteen minutes a child is neglected or abused in the state of Ohio. According to this source every eight hours a child dies before their first birthday and every forth day a child or teen dies by gun fire. 

Due to such reasons there has been an increased awareness created for the health and security of children. They could be a significant part of the future work force of the state. If Ohio wants to succeed or even survive in the coming future they have to improve the well being of their youth. With this mentality a lot of willing candidates might apply to search a degree program from adolescent psychology schools in Ohio. Programs could be studied at bachelor’s level, however, it is recommended to earn a higher degree for better opportunities in this field. A master’s degree in this concentration could provide proper understanding of child development issues to perform counseling and research work. On the other hand, a PhD degree facilitates to gain complete knowledge of how to understand and resolve different psychological issues among children.

The largest health care employer that also includes adolescent psychologists in their staff is the OSU Emergency Services with a man power of more than 10,000. There could be more places where these psychologists might apply including hospitals, and educational institutes. In 2011 the average median income of adolescent psychologists was $75,700. There is a projected 5% rise in the employment ratio for such professionals (

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