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Various disparities in the distribution of wealth exist in the state of New Mexico. The state has sufficient wealth for its residents; however, the flexibility of supply and demand of goods as well as services has resulted in disparities of wealth. Despite the fact that New Mexico is the leading producer of mineral resources such as crude oil and natural gas it still has over 18% of its population living below poverty.

Such economic circumstances might lead to various psychological problems and family issues. Due to a lack of opportunities to earn sufficient income one could indulge in crime as well as alcohol and drug abuse. Such issues in a family may affect children the most. Moreover, the consequences of these actions have great impacts on the youth of the state. In order to ensure the well being of children adolescent psychology schools and colleges in New Mexico offer various psychology programs. One could study in a bachelors program to start dealing with the kids professionally. However, it is better for one to earn a doctorate in this field of psychology as it equips one with the necessary skills to develop methods of assessment best suited to each child that is mentally disturbed.

Median average income earned by child psychologists in the year 2011 was $61,900 in New Mexico. In the coming 6 years there is an expected increase of 11% for such psychologists in this state. The UNM Children’s Hospital is the largest health care employers as well as the second largest employer in the state which employs trained psychologists. It has 5,500 people taking care of a large population of New Mexico ( One might join medical health care center, psychiatric hospitals, colleges, schools, and private facilities to look after children with the immense knowledge gained from one of the best schools of the state.

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