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Maryland is the state situated in the Mid Atlantic territory of the United States. The borders of the state touch West Virginia, District of Columbia and Virginia. Among 50 most populous states of the U.S, it is ranked at the 19th spot. Baltimore is the largest city of the state whereas Annapolis is its capital. The state is known for the production of food items as the major player of economy. By getting enrolled in adolescent psychology schools in Maryland, you could attain proper qualification to be a well educated psychologist of this field.

You must earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology for acquiring entry level posts, while a master’s degree might help you to be a popular psychologist of this field. To work in research departments of hospitals and colleges or at a higher post, you could attain a doctoral degree. As of 2012, the annual average salary for a psychologist in Maryland is $69,000 ( As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the positions available for child psychologists in 2011 in this state were 620.

Childhood is a memorable part of life where kids enjoy themselves to the fullest. These kids are not very much familiar with the limits and are thus known as birds of freewill. As they begin to grow, a lot of problems surround them and thus parents encounter changes in their behavior. For this purpose, it is important that parents consult adolescent psychologists. These qualified and trained psychologists have command over behavioral issues, its diagnosis and treatment. The growth of children is often attributed as the important yet critical aspect. This branch of psychology comprises of equally diverse topics. The most interesting part is the emotional development of kids. Children encounter problems when they have to distinguish between wrong and right. There may be several options in applied psychology in which you could actively work with kids. You might look for work in various settings including government agencies, hospitals, social services, and schools.

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