Accredited Adolescent Psychology Schools in Maine

The state of Maine is located in New England area and comprises of 1.3 million of population. The residents of the state are mainly from Portland, also considered as an urban hub. The economy depends upon outdoor recreation and tourism, and helps the state to stabilize the economy. Adolescent psychology schools prepare students for a challenging career in this area.

If you have decided to be a part of the team of professional psychologists at a reputed hospital then pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology from an accredited psychology college for basic knowledge of the subject. You could then apply for a master’s degree as it has more value than a graduate program. Furthermore, for working privately or serving as a senior psychologist you might study a doctoral degree program.  You need to attain a psychologist licensure in Maine before applying for a job or even to set up a private clinic. As of 2012, in Maine an adolescent psychologist earns an annual median salary of $55,000 ( There were 360 positions available in the year 2011 for these psychologists in Maine, as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An adolescent psychologist understands the behavioral problems being encountered by kids. It is never an easy task to keep in check behavioral issues of children. During the phase when children turn into adults they encounter several problems including mood swings and emotional changes. The issues faced by children may vary from one another and for this purpose; there is a need for a child or adolescent psychologist to work on these issues accordingly. These psychologists usually provide counseling to parents regarding issues faced by kids. The emotional grooming of kids is very necessary, since it is the most important yet necessary part of the work. They sit with kids and try to help them with the social pressure and related issues. There are various approaches used by child psychologists and on the basis of research and counseling they deal with various problems.

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