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The state of Louisiana is located in the U.S southern territory. According to its population, the state ranks at 25th amongst 50 most populous states of the country. The largest city of the state is New Orleans whereas its capital is Baton Rouge. The population comprises of more or less 4,574,836 people. The economy depends entirely on culture, health care, tourism and production of oil and gas.

Through adolescent psychology schools and colleges in Louisiana, you could discover about how to deal with the kids suffering from behavioral changes and prepare them for future challenges. The period of transition through which a child undergoes begins from childhood and goes towards adulthood. Typically, kids at that stage experience turbulent transformation and thus they feel emotional disturbances, and encounter physical and social changes. The age criteria may range from 12 to 20 years. As the kids face this transformation, certain changes in the mood, voice, are hormones witnessed among children. For this purpose, they may need someone by their side who could understand their behavioral and physical changes. Psychologists must be familiar with the issues of kids that may vary from one to another.

The role of an adolescent psychologist is an important one and they have to be aware of the issues such as drug abuse, school, family problems and puberty. The educational criterion for an adolescent psychologist includes proper education and licensure. You might begin with a graduate degree if you have completed the high school diploma. You could later apply for a master’s degree from a well-renowned psychology college in the same subject as it would be beneficial for you during professional life. Moreover, a doctoral degree is the highest qualification you could attain which has tremendous opportunities of growth. The annual median salary for an adolescent psychologist in Louisiana is $52,000 as of 2012 ( According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment level of these psychologists in 2011 was 220.

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