Adolescent Psychology Schools in Illinois

Illinois is the 5th most populous state of the United States. It has glamorous cities of Aurora, Joliet, Chicago and Rockford. Marvelous and big industries in the state operate and are known for providing ever growing profits. Employment opportunities could be seen in agriculture, manufacturing, metal products, rubber and plastics industries. Other than this, health and psychology fileds are among the flourishing ones. There are so many fields of psychology from which one could be chosen as a career.  

Psychology is also a part of health care industry where practitioners perform services by observing and examining patients who are mentally ill or have psychological disorders. Adolescent psychology works on the same lines but focus on the mental health of children only. Parents generally look for specialists who could cure children and understand their psyche better. To opt for this field, you would have to study and acquire education from adolescent psychology colleges.

These colleges and schools are accredited by the state and provide complete education to help students become professionals. Degrees that are offered in these psychology colleges are of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral level. A bachelor’s degree takes 4 years to complete and prepares you to enter in any industry or sector, either government or private. A master’s degree makes you eligible to deal with children as an expert, while a doctoral degree might open countless gates of opportunities to work in hospitals or research centers. Once you are done with studies, get Illinois psychologist licensure, and eventually work places could be chosen on the basis of degree level and experience.

As the population is growing in Illinois, a large number of people require services from these psychologists to help treat their kids. The employment rate of school, counsel and clinical psychologists is 10% as predicted by the Occupation Profile of Counseling and School psychologists in Illinois. Till 2018, around 6,220 jobs would be available for these psychologists. The annual average pay of adolescent psychologist in Illinois is $71,000, as of 2012 (

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