Adolescent Psychology Schools in Hawaii

Being the most recent state of United States, Hawaii majorly consists of islands. It has great scenic beauty comprising of volcanoes, resorts and beaches, and many tourists places. This state is ranked among the 13th most populous states of the 50 states. Tourism industry is the biggest in Hawaii whereas military, education and health sectors also operate fairly employing a big labor force. Health care is an emerging field for the people residing in Hawaii.

Psychology is a field where professionals treat patients having mental and psychological issues leading to various disorders and emotional downturns. A popular branch of psychology is adolescent psychology which primarily focuses on mental health of children and evaluates their psyche. Getting educated from adolescent psychology schools in Hawaii is the first and foremost step to have a successful career as a psychologist in the upcoming future.

Students are trained and taught by professional teachers in these schools to become experts of the field. Though a master’s degree could be acquired but doctoral degrees might take you towards more opportunities in almost every sector in Hawaii. Being more skilled increases the chances to progress as adolescent psychologist. Employers usually find out individuals who have acquired degrees from these accredited psychology colleges. Once you are done with studies, work could be found in many places including rehabilitation centers, children hospitals, day care centers, psychiatric hospitals, elementary schools, home health care facilities, private clinics, psychologists’ offices and general hospitals.

Due to formal education, training and licensure, people prefer to get services from adolescent psychologists. Thus employment is rising rapidly. An elevation of 7% is expected in the jobs for counseling, school and clinical psychologists as stated by the Occupation Profile of Counseling and School Psychologists in Hawaii whereas 1,140 jobs will be expected in the next 6 years. A child psychologist in Hawaii earns an average income of $50,000 per year, as of 2012. (

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