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The U.S state of Florida is the 4th most populous and 22nd most extensive of all the 50 states. The state has developed metropolitan areas as well as industries which are source of finance to this state. Aerospace, defense, biomedical, construction, manufacturing, research and health care are among some industrial sectors where most of the labor is employed. Psychology is a branch of health care where individuals look after people with mental problems by observing, examining and treating them.

Adolescent psychology is a sub-branch of psychology in which practitioners deal with  issues of children. They look and operate children behavior in various environments. They are experts in examining what children feel and think at different situations and conditions. Those who want to advance in this field  should acquire professional education from adolescent psychology schools and colleges.

Not only do these schools offer advance degrees and courses in adolescent psychology but they also provide training to make them well-trained professionals of this field. The training involves critical research and examination which is done under supervision of a health practitioner. The most popular degree in Florida is of doctoral level which could  be acquired from various accredited psychology colleges. After education, you might be interested to work in elementary and secondary schools, residential facilities, educational support services, care centers, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse hospitals, employment services, individual and family services. You might also choose to work as researchers in colleges and universities.

The demand for adolescent psychologists is ever increasing since many parents require services from these practitioners to treat their off spring. The Occupation Profile of Counseling and School Psychologists in Florida reports that the employment ratio of counseling, clinical and school psychologists is going to increase at a rate of 5% whereas 5,230 jobs would be seen till 2018 ( As of 2012, these specialists earn an average income of $65,000 per year (

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