Adolescent Psychology Schools in Connecticut

One should not undermine the state of Connecticut simply due to its smaller land mass as it is among the most densely populated state in the United States. In Connecticut the development of first nuclear submarine took place. This experience has been used for the development of various electronics equipment and aircraft.

The regulating authorities of Connecticut have helped the region to develop a progressive mentality that led the state to reach at heights regardless of its geographical limitations. For such reasons and for the future betterment of the state, Connecticut has invested to make sure of the proper well being of its future contributors for an unwavering journey towards success. With this mindset of higher authorities adolescent psychology schools in Connecticut have been increasing in number.

Educational programs in child psychology are offered at the undergraduate level in which one learns about educational as well as prenatal and developmental psychology. However, one must earn their master’s or doctorate degree in child psychology from reputed schools to become an expert of this field. A master’s level degree could also be attained as it also comes under the level of qualification employers usually seek. Doctoral degrees train individuals to assess issues troubling children and are also preferred by almost every employer. Students design assessment methods on individual and community level with the use of statistical demographics.

The Uconn Health System and the Yale New Haven Health System both are the largest health care employers respectively with a labor force of 6000 and 5,001 each. Other areas of employment might be child care hospitals, research centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, colleges, private health facilities, and psychologists’ offices. Such employment areas in this state have helped adolescent psychologists to earn annual median wage of $75,100 in the year 2011. There is an expected 5% increase in the employment level of these psychologists in Connecticut. (

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