Adolescent Psychology Schools in Alabama

The state of Alabama is situated in the southeastern territory of the U.S. The borders of the state touch upon Mississippi to the west, Tennessee to the north, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Georgia to the east. The economy of the state relies upon fabrication, aerospace, health care, education, banking, and various heavy industries, including steel production, mineral extraction, and automobile manufacturing. Psychologists could become a part of these industries.

With the awareness of psychological issues there is a large population in the country who want to get enrolled in the popular adolescent psychology schools in Alabama. The adolescent or child psychologist deal with various influences, issues and stages experienced by the child during the phase of development. There are two main areas of adolescent psychology that includes the treatment of the various problems and the actual process of the psychological growth. Children usually undergo hard times during 12-18 years and thus the emotional and physical changes. The common problems faced by kids are sexual issues, rebellious behavior, cheating, lying, negative attitudes, school performance problems, and disobedience.

Thus for this purpose, the role of adolescent or child psychologist comes into play. Usually, a child psychologist accompanies team of health care to provide treatment plans, care to patients, and carry out diagnosis of children facing the issues of developmental disabilities. They also administer psychological tests and manage the behavioral issues besides conducting scientific research related to childhood development. A child psychologist might find work in private mental health offices, hospitals, mental health clinics, schools, and courts. They could also decide to   work as researchers and may get assistance from the social workers. They help the children to overcome bad habits and tell them about the consequences.

The educational criterion for a child psychologist is a master’s level degree. In some cases, the employers look for psychologists with a doctoral degree. In the year 2012, the annual median salary for an adolescent psychologist is $53,000. (

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