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The state of Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest territory of the United States. Among the 50 most populous states it is ranked at 27thposition. The population of the state comprises of 866,087 children as compared to the total population, which is 3,871,859 people approximately. The capital of the state is Salem and is also 3rd most populous state of the country. The youth of Oregon must be guided at every step and their issues must be dealt seriously to make a difference in the existing system of the economy. To find accredited adolescent psychology schools in Oregon is the first and foremost step you could take if you want to be a successful psychologist serving in this state.  

Children transform as they begin to grow and get involved in many unintentional acts and problems. For this purpose, they may require help of someone who could understand their problems. Parents too are unable to do anything regarding it, as children need specialists to deal with their emotional changes. Due to the change of hormones, they may retort and become rebellious. The physical changes include heaviness of voice, growth of the body, personality changes and mood swings. It is the duty of a child psychologist to sit with children and answer the question children have in mind. The topic of adolescent psychology is a diverse one and includes counseling parents and kids. As a psychologist, you might be performing duties in hospitals, schools, social services and government agencies.

You need to fulfill few requirements related to education and Oregon psychologist licensure before you set your feet off for an excellent career. You might apply for a doctoral degree to avail opportunities in almost every industry or sector. Graduates might also have chances of growth but senior posts might be offered to PhD’s or students with a master’s degree. The annual median salary for an adolescent psychologist is $61,000 as of 2012. (

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