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Least populated state in the United States of America Wyoming has concentrated on maintaining the health and well being of its constituents. The population of the state as per records of 2011 was calculated to be 568,158 (quickfacts.census.gov). It is hard to believe that the state might have financial constraints as it has the largest coal reserves in the entire nation and it also supplies crude oil. Iron ore, copper and silver are among the other minerals found in the region.

With such abundant sources of income Wyoming has contributed greatly to the health and well being of its residents. The Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is located in two different regions of the state with 1,800 employees in one branch while the other medical center has 1,700 employees. It is known to be the largest health care center in the state. The second largest health care employer is the Wyoming Medical Center that has employed around 1,400 professionals. Psychologists are required in such organizations to look after people and ensure best services to them. (acinet.org)

The state realizes the effectiveness of psychological treatments for various mental disorders which is why it is encouraging the increase of abnormal psychology schools in Wyoming. These educational institutes facilitate one to study the fundamental principles and theories of psychology at the undergraduate level. In masters one focuses more on psycho-diagnostics and methods of counseling. At the doctorate level one learns methods of assessment and research design. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology one might become a case manager or a counselor of substances abusers. A master’s degree allows one to qualify for employment as counselors for children, couples and families. With doctorate degree the value of an individual increases in the research and experimentation department.

The median income earned by such professionals in the United States of America was $90,000 in 2011. By the year 2020 the demand for psychologists will rise by 18% in the U.S. (acinet.org)

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