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Wisconsin is known for many of its industrial growth. The state has been considered as “America’s Dairy Land” and known to produce 16% of the nation’s milk through its dairy farms. The state also happens to be the home to one of the nation’s biggest post secondary education systems. Along with all other populous regions of the country the state of Wisconsin also has issues related to health that must be dealt.

The state’s education system has encouraged more abnormal psychology degree programs in Wisconsin. The largest health care employer in the state which requires psychologists is the Marshfield Clinic that had 5,000 employees in 2011. The primary concern of this organization has been substance abuse and psychiatric illness as far as mental health is concerned which is why they require qualified psychologists (acinet.org). By being the largest employer in the state, the post secondary educational system also requires psychologists to aid students in order to cope with issues that arise during academic life.

The median salary earned by these psychologists in the state of Wisconsin is $76,600 in the year 2011. By 2020 there will be an increased requirement for psychologists in the nation by 18%  (acinet.org). According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Wisconsin in 2011 the employment level was around 250.

One must begin their educational process to have a career in psychology with an undergraduate degree in which theories and principles are clarified. More specific understanding of principle and theories and the application of treatment techniques are taught at the master’s level. However, if one has earned their PhD in this discipline then they might come across a lot of employment opportunities which could be a good start of professional career. With proper education psychologists might be able to design treatment plans and analyze and assess individual’s mental illnesses.

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