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Vermont is the state located in the North East of United States in New England region. It is placed at 2nd spot among the 50 least populous states of the country. Its capital is Montpelier whereas Burlington is the most populous city. The economy of the state depends on tourism, agriculture, health insurance and manufacturing. The state is also known for the production of maple syrup.

It is the right of every citizen to get access to quality health care services; therefore, abnormal psychology schools in Vermont offer a lot of degree programs in this subject. Through the field of psychology, one comes to know about the issues of mental health and how to deal with them. It is the work of an abnormal or clinical psychologist to diagnose and suggest methods of treatment to patients. The problems may vary from person to person and thus a varied approach is required for an effective treatment. Usually, the problems faced by patients are of anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues and learning disabilities. In order to diagnose such problems, the methods utilized comprise of behavior and psychological tests, conducting interviews and checking the behavior of patients. An abnormal psychologist may get opportunities to work in child psychological state groups, social care settings and community psychology groups.

To fulfill the educational criteria, candidates must gain a psychology bachelor’s degree of four years. And if they want to advance in this career they could further opt for a master’s or doctoral degree. A psychologist licensure in Vermont is required to practice work either in one’s own clinic or any hospital. The annual median salary for an abnormal psychologist in Vermont in 2012 is $50,000 (simplyhired.com). The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the employment growth of these psychologists is predicted to be 18% by the year 2020.

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