Abnormal Psychology Schools in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island is situated in the region of New England in the United States. The state is considered the smallest, as far as area is concerned. It is also ranked at 2nd among 50 most densely populated states of the US. The state borders with Massachusetts to the north and east and Connecticut to the west. The largest industry of the state that supports the economy is health care, whereas tourism is the second largest industry. The top health care employer is Rhode Island Hospital having around 7,024 employees whereas The Miriam Hospital has 2,410 employees and known to be the second biggest employer in this state.

Since the state’s prime industry is health care, therefore, abnormal psychology schools could play a gigantic role in spreading the knowledge regarding mental health issues for students to join the health care sector. Abnormal psychology helps to understand mental disorders and the issues associated with it. It helps in finding out how people get affected from various situations. It includes diseases, multifaceted issues including relationship and family issues, anxiety, learning disabilities, and depression. For this purpose, it is the duty of an abnormal psychologist to address the abnormality and diagnose through various approaches including interviews, psychological tests and observation of behavior. On effective diagnosis, patients are provided help through medical aid or recommendation. A clinical psychologist may work in community psychological state teams, social as well as health care environments, and child and adolescent psychological state services.

For becoming a clinical or abnormal psychologist, candidate must have either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this discipline. On the other hand, a doctoral degree increases the employment opportunities for an individual. You might also require a psychologist license in Rhode Island. The annual median salary for abnormal psychologists in Rhode Island in 2012 is $56,000 (simplyhired.com). The employment level of these psychologists in this state in 2011 was 60, as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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