Oklahoma Colleges Offering a Major in Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is ranked at 20th position for being the most extensive regions of the United States. This state heavily relies on aviation, natural gas, bio technology and oil. Among the most demanded sectors, health care is considered to be an important source of employment and crucial to provide health services to people.

The largest employer in health care is Integris Baptist Medical Center which employs around 10,000 people. Abnormal psychology is a field of psychology which focuses on roots of abnormal behaviors, disorders, obsessions, emotional deprivation and more. For a proper understanding of the field, you would have to get admission in one of the abnormal psychology schools.

A good educational background is foremost to enter in any field. The same requirements are needed for people who wish to pursue this field of abnormal sciences. Although, one could advance in this field with a bachelor’s level degree in psychology, more demanded degrees in the state are of masters and doctoral level. Employers are looking for individuals who have completed their education at this level. You might also require a Oklahoma psychologist license. Once you go out in search of work, you might get employed in independent living centers, residential care area, private facilities, halfway houses, rehabilitation centers, universities and schools. Apart from these, practitioners could even get employed in aviation and bio tech industries where they are required to increase employees’ efficiency that sometimes experiences never-ending health issues.

There are lots of jobs available for abnormal psychologists. According to the Occupation Profile of Clinical, School and Counseling Psychologists in Oklahoma, the employment is expected to increase by 11%. These jobs will increase by 1,970 till 2018 (www.acinet.org). On the other hand, the annual pay of abnormal scientists is around $57,000, in 2012 (indeed.com). You will also be given on-the-job training which will increase your working skills and experience.

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