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New York is one of the most developed states of United States ranking at the 3rd number for being the most populous one. Bordering with developed states, the economy has been growing vertically due to interstate transferring of goods and services. Major industries that operate here are manufacturing, construction, agriculture and health care. One of the devoted health care fields is abnormal psychology. Practitioners who operate in New York are known for treating people with abnormal behaviors, obsession, emotional disorders and other related issues. People who are interested in knowing about the field should focus on finding accredited abnormal psychology schools.  

To work professionally, you need appropriate education which is a key to your success. In this field, proper degrees are offered to become abnormal psychologists. Like every other state employers in New York also find individuals who have earned either a master’s or doctoral degree. These professional degrees are required by most of the employers as they focus on research and clinical methods. The benefit to pursue this field is that not only could you work as an abnormal psychologist but with a little effort you might even explore the vast fields of clinical psychology and counseling psychology. Then you might be allowed to work in hospitals, clinics, care centers, universities, rehab centers and other private facilities. On the other hand, firms seeking to improve productivity might also require help from these practitioners because they work directly with employees having mental issues. (Further reading: psychologist license and education requirements in New York)

According to the Occupation Profile of Clinical and Counseling Psychologists in New York, the employment of clinical, school and counseling psychologists is going to increase by 5% whereas labor force would increase by nearly 15,410 till 2018. The pay that an abnormal psychologist earns annually is $74,000, as reported in 2012 ( New York is ranked at the 5th position for having employment level of 590 in 2011, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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