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Among one of the fifty states of United States, New Mexico lies in the southwest and western regions. It is ranked as the 36th most populous state and comprises of advanced metropolitan areas as well as regions that add to the scenic beauty of the place. This state is highly enriched with resources which are properly utilized to make more valuable products. The industries that operate in this state are numerous and on a wide scale covering most of the population’s needs.

One industry which has progressed a lot in recent years is health care. Psychology is a significant sub-field of health care industry. And abnormal psychologists play a pivotal role in treating patients who are not mentally fit or have issues of abnormal behavior. To become a professional of this field, people should get enrolled in abnormal psychology schools.

Not just review of the field compels you to become a part of it but to be a specialist of this area; you need to acquire a degree that is in demand in this state. Employees usually look for individuals who have acquired at least a master’s or a doctoral degree in abnormal psychology. You might be able to work as an abnormal psychologist with a higher qualification as clinical psychologists or counselors. Generally, your place of work might be a clinic, hospital, outpatient care centers and universities. Not only this, science and technology firms might also hire these individuals to improve overall efficiency of their employees. (Further reading: psychologist license and education requirements in New Mexico).

The survey for the state showed that practitioners from the field would have an increase of 11% in employment till 2018. Furthermore, around 2,930 people would be employed as clinical, school counseling psychologists in the future. The salary that these abnormal psychologists receive is $56,000 per annum, as of 2012. (

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