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Missouri is one of the beautiful states of U.S state surrounded by various popular states making it the 21st most extensive and 18th most populous region. It has four largest urban areas that are a source of state’s finance and booming economy. Few industries that operate in Missouri are aerospace, food processing, chemicals, electrical equipment and light manufacturing.

Health care sector is an ever increasing industry and people are in constant need of health services in Missouri. A professional who could make a huge difference in the existing health care industry is abnormal psychologist. These individuals treat patients who have mental disorders or psychological issues. Obsession, sexual variations and depressions are also dealt by these practitioners. For a promising career, they need to acquire degrees from well-renowned abnormal psychology schools in Missouri.

By choosing this field, not only could you operate as an abnormal psychologist but you might work and advance by being a clinical, school or counselor psychologist. Doctoral degrees are highly preferred by employers in this state. Some employers choose candidates who have earned master’s level education. The work areas are numerous and you might get associated mainly with hospitals, clinics, individual’s practice, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, outpatient care centers and residential care centers. (Further reading: psychologist education and license requirements in Missouri)

The percentage change of employment reported by the Occupation Profile of Physical Therapists in Missouri is 6%. On the other hand, the state is going to experience an increase of 1,870 in employment of clinical psychologists and counselors till 2018. The annual pay of abnormal psychologists in Missouri is $62,000, as of 2012 ( The state is highly enriched with industries of aerospace, transportation equipment, chemicals, printing/publishing, food processing, light manufacturing, electrical equipment and beer. These psychologists could provide services to reduce work stress by which overall efficiency of firms might be increased.

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