Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Maine

The state of Maine remains as a self sufficient state and a preserver of its natural geography. The state might not have much fertile land but have become famous for being the leader in producing potatoes. With the recent economic down turn that has affected the entire nation many social issues have come to rise in Maine. Not only crimes but even substance abuse and social stratification cases are commonly seen in this state.

In order to discourage such issues there has been an effort towards increasing the ratio of health care professionals. Therefore, one could easily research to find abnormal psychology schools in Maine to be a vital part of health care team.

In order to earn a degree in psychology one must complete qualification at the doctorate level. However, one might also find excellent employment opportunities in the state with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This qualification is more suited to individuals who like to work in specific social welfare programs such as substance abuse of alcoholism prevention.

With a masters qualification one learns more about the therapeutic techniques and methods of providing consultation which they later use during their professional life. This education allows for more employment opportunities like family therapy and student guidance counseling. A doctorate degree make students learn to diagnose and evaluate the mental state of an individual in order to discover any abnormalities. (See: psychologists license requirements in Maine)

Main Medical Center is the largest health care provider with around 6,000 employees. In 2011, the median wages earned by these psychologists was $87,300. In the next eight years employment opportunities for such counselors will increase by 18% across the nation (acinet.org) According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were almost 40 qualified psychologists found working in Maine in the year 2011.

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