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The state of Hawaii is known as a tourism station as it is an Island state of United States.  It is famed for its Polynesian and Samoan routes as well as the tourism. The state also happens to be the largest producer of pineapples in the country and have invested in many food processing activities. The state also has significant income through naval resources as it is the home to many naval bases of the American Army.

With a population of 1,374,810 there are many cases resulting in mental health issues. This is the reason why there are so many abnormal psychology schools in Hawaii in which students are encouraged to study. The state is experiencing global economic depression which has resulted in less income generated through tourism. This serious issue has caused psychological problems like depression, frustration and indulgence in alcohol or substance abuse. To deal with such sprouting psychological problems there is a persistent need for abnormal psychologists who could provide counseling services to patients with different behavioral issues.

A basic bachelor’s degree in psychology allows one to study the fundamental concepts and theoretical principles of abnormal psychology. With such qualification one might work for social welfare and in a variety of medical settings for the rehabilitation of substance abuse and alcohol addicts. A master’s education allows one to learn more about the communication factors related to thoughts and emotions which could result in social discrepancies. It makes students eligible to counsel children, couples families and even provides them vocational guidance. A doctorate is the most comprehensive and acceptable education in this field.

The largest health care provider in the region is the Altres medical which employs around 10,000 personnel including psychologists. The median salary earned by these psychologists in 2011 in Hawaii was $94,200 annually (acinet.org). In Hawaii, there were 120 psychologists employed in 2011 as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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