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Florida is known to be one of the major melting pots of United States of America. It is among the southern most regions and has become a cultural hub for individuals from around the world. With so many cultural influences there could be chances of illness or abnormality among many members of society. The significant crime caused by illegal substances has also resulted in various social ills that have caused psychological abnormalities among the people of the state. For such reason abnormal psychology schools in Florida are a necessity.

With a population of 19,057,542 Florida is the thirteenth fastest growing state in terms of population. Now with such a large population there is a possible risk of people having psychological issues due to unemployment rate or less income. These issues might result in mental abnormalities or disorders as depression, paranoia and even schizophrenia. In order to be able to work professionally to treat patients with psychological malfunctions one must earn at least a doctorate in psychology. Initially, a bachelor’s degree paves way for advance education such as a master’s program in psychology.

In a psychology bachelor program one studies subjects like abnormal psychology, human sexuality and cognitive development. This makes one eligible for the employment in social and community welfare organizations as an alcohol or drug counselor. With a master’s degree one studies subjects of counseling practices and psycho diagnostics. With this qualification one might work as a marriage or family counselor. However, the most popular program in this field is a PhD in psychology.

Florida Hospital Orlando is the largest health care employer in the state which has 16,000 employees.  In 2012 the annual median salary for such psychologists is recorded to be $54,000 (simplyhired.com). It was estimated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics that 1,140 psychologists were working in this state in 2011, which is considered to be the highest level of employment.

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