Abnormal Psychology Schools in Colorado

Abnormal Psychology Schools in Colorado

Colorado is the 22nd most populous region among the 50 states of United States. The state primarily relies on industries that are a reason for its good economy. Not only this, service sector has responded positively and has been expanding to such an extent that employment statistics shows a boom as compared to previous years. Other industries of health care, high-tech and science have also played their part in increasing the ratio of employment.

One such field in health care is abnormal psychology. These practitioners work by providing quality services to treat people having abnormal disorders, depressions and obsessions. For this abnormal psychology schools in Colorado have sprung up to provide quality education to individuals who want to pursue a career in this field.

To opt for this career, one must precisely focus his or her attention on educational requirements. The degrees in-demand in this state is of doctoral level which focuses on theoretical education, research and clinical methods. You could have a solid educational base if you consider having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of abnormal sciences.  You might eventually get work as a counselor, clinical psychologist or psychotherapist. These practitioners are kept in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation center, mental asylums, private facilities, outpatient care centers, schools, universities, individual practices and other treatment centers.

The state has great high-tech industries at federal level such as, the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and United States Air Force Academy. Psychologists might even work in these facilities to cure people with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, adjustment disorders and developmental disorders. The employment of clinical and counseling psychologists is going to increase by 14% whereas the total employment projection till 2018 is 3,690 (acinet.org). In 2012, the average salary earned by abnormal psychologists is $63,000 per annum. (indeed.com)

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