15 Abnormal Psychology Programs and Schools in California

Abnormal Psychology Colleges in California

California is among the most populous states of United States. It relies heavily on technology, information, education, manufacturing and aerospace industries. Employment is constantly rising because of development of these industries. Other than that, the top industries operating in the state are education and health care. Interested candidates to join the field of health care as a psychologist might find abnormal psychology schools in California to be a great opportunity.

Abnormal psychologists are the specialists that focus their attention on psychopathology, abnormal psychology and abnormal behavior. Not only this, they also look at issues related to obsession, depression, sexual deviation and other disorders in patients. The largest employer in the state is Cisco, which employs around 17,548 people.

Practitioners in the field normally work as clinical psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists. Others might be able to find schools that specifically focus on abnormal sciences coursework. They are required to have degrees of master’s or doctorate’s level because the employers seek students with a higher degree. The subjects focus on research, clinical and theoretical education. Those who have completed their professional education might be able to find work in clinic, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, private practices, offices of other health practitioners and outpatient care centers.

These psychologists in California held about 1,030 jobs in 2011, as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the other hand the employment is said to increase by 23,800 till 2018. The rate of employment as stated by the Occupation Profile of Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists in California is 8% (acinet.org). In 2012, abnormal psychologists earn $69,000 per year (indeed.com). These psychologists might even find work in scientific and aerospace industry because adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, developmental disorders and mood disorders are common nowadays and are required to be treated.

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