15 Schools Offering Abnormal Psychology Programs in Arizona

Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Arizona

The state of Arizona is located in Western region of United States. It borders with Mexico, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California. The state is also known as the largest cotton producing state of the country. Besides that cotton is also in demand and thus facilitates the 2/3rd of the output of the nation. Abnormal psychology schools in Arizona help people to be aware of different aspects of abnormal psychology.

It deals with the abnormal yet psychological aspects of human mind. It also includes dreams and altered mental states. This field of psychology helps in the development of treatment plans for people suffering from various mental disorders and also to know the main causes of such behavior. It might be an intriguing and attention-grabbing subject for those who intend to acquire an associate degree in psychology. Those focusing on various sphere of psychology may spot abnormal behaviors and treat patients accordingly. Psychologists have meetings with patients every now and then to monitor their progress.

To enter into the field of abnormal psychology, you may at least earn a bachelor’s degree. Those having a master’s degree may get access to the jobs such as, assistant psychology research or basic counseling positions. Before turning into a professional, you must have a licensure to begin practicing at your own clinic or in a mental care hospital. Mostly the laws of licensing vary according to the state. A number of employers look for candidates with an approved internship, 1 or 2 years of job expertise, and a doctoral degree. The top employers of the state are Banner Behavioral Health and St Luke’s Behavioral Health. There were 180 jobs available in the year 2011 in Arizona, as calculated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2012, the annual median salary for an abnormal psychologist in Arizona is $39,000 (simplyhired.com).

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