Abnormal Psychology Colleges in Alabama

The state of Alabama is located in the Southeastern territory of United States. Its population is 4.6 million, and the densely populated urban areas of the state are Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham and Huntsville. The state comprises of personal and vocational challenges within the job market. Some of the flourishing careers seen in the state are in healthcare, education, banking and aerospace.

The branch of psychology that deals with mental, emotional and unusual behavioral patterns is known as abnormal psychology. It is a broad topic that encompasses all mental issues including deviance and depression. Psychologists associated with this field may work in schools, psychiatric hospitals, private practice and mental health clinics to treat the population of Alabama. They may also work in universities and colleges and other academic institutes. They are required to treat patients according to what they diagnose with few recommendations from psychiatrists.

Psychologists specializing in this area of study work with patients to pinpoint abnormal behaviors and treat them accordingly; this could involve anything from regular therapy to referrals to psychiatrists. Psychologists must meet regularly with patients and track their progress.

Students might look for an abnormal psychology school in Alabama to gain concrete knowledge of this discipline. One might start the educational process with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In many cases, candidates having a master’s degree might acquire basic counseling jobs or assisting psychology research. With this popular degree, they may also work as school counselors, research assistants and industrial/organizational psychologists. And to serve as a professional, you need to have a licensure.

In Alabama, Bryce Hospital and Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation are known to be the top employers of qualified psychologists to treat mentally disturbed people. These psychologists might encounter 18% growth till 2018 as reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual median salary for an abnormal psychologist in Alabama is $36,000 as of 2012. (simplyhired.com)

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